Toni Storm Speaks About the Wrestlers She Wants to Face

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Toni Storm Speaks About the Wrestlers She Wants to Face

Toni Storm is a rising WWE star, and she recently spoke about the wrestlers that she wishes to fight. Toni Storm was on a six weeks hiatus. Her appearance backstage involved Dolph Ziggler who spoke to her before her match against Rick Boogs.

Ziggler was actually rooting for Boogs during her match. She spoke about the match on Talking Smack.

Toni Storm Reveals That She would Like to Get In The Ring With Vega

“Don’t get me wrong, Dolph Ziggler is great.

But Rick Boogs, he’s like Eddie Van Halen in wrestling boots,” Storm proclaimed. “I’m just a big fan, and you know, he’s cool!” Zelina Vega interrupted Toni Storm during her segment and started dissing her fashion sense by offering her a t-shirt.

“Toni Storm. You’re the new girl here, right? I don’t think you understand the kind of mistakes that you’re making,” Vega said to Storm. “Your outfit is atrocious. You should be thankful that Dolph would even look in your direction.

Clearly, his sunglasses must have been fogged up or something. Just look at you. Your outfit is crazy. So, let me just give you something to help you out a little bit." (Vega then handed Storm one of her custom shirts). Kayla Braxton, the host of the show, then asked Toni about who she would like to wrestle with in the future.

Toni stated that she will have her eyes on Vega. “I mean, I said from the beginning, I’m wasting no time. I’ve got my eye on Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch and all of the top girls,” Storm announced. “I guess now I’ve got my eye on Zelina Vega.

Yeah, I feel like I need to keep an eye out [on her]”. Toni Storm is one of WWE’s rising talents. Toni Storm started her WWE career at NXT UK. She made a few appearances in various important WWE events that helped her push herself a bit to the top.

Toni has, however, not received a significant push from the WWE. Many people actually thought that she would go on to become a WWE Women’s Title contender. That has however not been the case, even though she has a huge set of fans that wish to see her rise to the top.

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