*Spoiler* Kay Lee Ray is the latest major star

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*Spoiler* Kay Lee Ray is the latest major star

The evening gets off to a flying start with an all-female match that sees an old glory from NXT USA face off against one of the "new arrivals" from NXT UK. SINGLE MATCH: Ember Moon vs Kay Lee Ray; We are witnessing a high-intensity match that sees the two athletes intent on giving her a blessing with the Moon ready to try their hand at flights out of the ring and try to score the Eclipse as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

The former NXT UK star certainly does not stand by and responds with aerial maneuvers including a senton which, however, gives her only a count of 2. Then a waltz of pinning begins which is interrupted by Ray's Gory Bomb which is followed by the definitive pin.

Result: Kay Lee Ray pinfall win.

Kay Lee Ray is the latest major star

One of NXT's most consistent points over the years has been its strong women's division. The latest major star in the division is Kay Lee Ray, whose momentum remains sky-high since her transition from NXT UK.

She and Ember Moon put on an excellent back-and-forth contest this week. Ray won, but Moon gained a lot in defeat. After a stellar performance, she showed visible frustration during an interview. We are now offered Indi Hartwell's bachelorette party during which the birthday girl engages in a cheesy toast in favor of her "godmother" Candice LeRae.

Gargano's partner then takes the floor and after having listed a series of unflattering characteristics about the future husband, she ends up saying that, in any case, the important thing is that her "goddaughter" is happy, almost seeming to accept the situation.

The two then abandon their guests to go raid Dexter Lumis' bachelor party. Let's go back to the ring now with the match involving the winner of the Breakout Tournament and the leader of the Legado Del Fantasma. The show was pretty great from start to finish, featuring some excellent in-ring action and intriguing storyline developments.

Things continue to build well for the future, as we will see. With multiple title matches and an entertaining bachelor party, the 'Black and Gold' era of NXT has gone out with a bang. If the show continues in a similar vein, things will be alright.

But that is a big if. For now, we can look back and enjoy the happy memories this version of NXT has given us from 2014 right till the very end.