*Spoiler* Carmelo Hayes has already lost

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*Spoiler* Carmelo Hayes has already lost

SINGLE MATCH: Carmelo Hayes vs Santos Escobar; The match is very interesting and sees Carmelo give a hard time to the good Santos who perhaps underestimated his opponent. Clearly, the difference between the two is the experience and the cunning that Santos uses to throw Carmelo against the comment table.

Back in the ring, Santos tries to close the contest but Carmelo manages to respond with a codebreaker followed by a headscissor into a facebuster and then groped for the pin which however does not go beyond the count of 2.

Carmelo Hayes has a title shot lined up soon

As a result of winning the NXT Breakout Tournament, Carmelo Hayes has a title shot lined up soon. He can challenge for any belt and should ideally be kept as strong as possible heading into it.

However, Hayes has already lost. He took on Santos Escobar in an admittedly good match, but it was unnecessary. This kind of booking belongs on WWE RAW, where it is difficult to gain any real momentum. Heyes not happy engages in a DDT on the apron that pushes Mendoza and Wilde to intervene distracting the referee.

Electra takes advantage of the situation and knocks Carmelo down with a bodyslam. This effectively puts an end to the match because once back in the ring Carmelo is also shot down with Santos Escobar's Phantom Driver who then has to do nothing but perform the final pin.

Result: Santos Escobar's pinfall victory. The main event of AEW All Out, which featured Kenny Omega battling Christian Cage for the AEW Championship, had a phenomenal ending. Omega won the match by pinning Cage and then cut a promo in which he ended up gloating about how great he was.

However, Omega’s promo was interrupted by the entry of Adam Cole, and the fans went wayward when they saw Bay Bay walking to the ring. Cole then had a face-off with Omega, making the fans think that a rivalry was on the cards.

But Cole surprised everyone by super kicking Jungle Boy. Wrestling fans can expect the social spat between Cole and Pat McAfee to continue even after Cole’s move to AEW. The rivalry, which was a kayfabe one, has become entertaining to watch for the wrestling fans.

In addition, Adam Cole’s debut for AEW was hinted at several times by to the public by many AEW superstars themselves. Henceforth, fans expected Cole to show up at AEW, but they were not ready to witness him at AEW All out.