*Spoiler* Dexter Lumis protagonist of a beautiful segment

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*Spoiler* Dexter Lumis protagonist of a beautiful segment

Now we are offered the bachelor party of Dexter Lumis who, unlike the Indi party, is definitely more animated even though he sees a Gargano much more irritated than his sweetheart Candice. The celebrations include a go-kart competition, ax shooting and a laser tag challenge.

It goes without saying that it is always Dexter or the team he is on that wins. It should also be emphasized how, thanks to these games, the relationship between Dexter and Johnny has apparently strengthened, with the two who then move away together with Candice and Indi, ready to finish the final preparations for the wedding that we remember will be held next week.

Dexter Lumis protagonist of a beautiful segment

This was by far the highlight of NXT. When Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis posted about their respective pre-wedding gatherings over the weekend, hopes were high for the segments.

They delivered perfectly. While Hartwell's bachelorette party was pretty fun, the main course was Dexter Lumis' bachelor party. It was hilarious and endearing at the same time. Cameron Grimes paid for everything, despite Lumis inviting the zombie referee from their match at Halloween Havoc.

Odyssey Jones and Drake Maverick showcased their fun personalities too. So let's go back to the ropes where we witness the long-awaited debut of the Tian Sha leader. SINGLE MATCH: Mey Ying vs Virginia Ferry. The contest has literally nothing to say with Ying making her opponent literally what she wants by bringing home the contest in about 1 minute.

Result: Mey Ying's pinfall victory. So here we are at the last match of the evening valid for the NXT Tag Team Championship. MSK retained their belts and after the match, Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland betrayed their stablemates.

The two of them systematically and brutally decimated Lorcan and brutally decimated Lorcan and Burch. One could see this moment coming from a mile away. This does not bode well for the former NXT Tag Team Champions at all, who look set to drop down the card.

Hopefully, there is a plan for Dunne and Holland to add another tag team to their ranks. On Raw, Lashley and Orton kicked off the show where both of them agreed to have a match at Extreme Rules, where Lashley will put the WWE Championship on the line.

Therefore, Randy Orton has the chance to revive his former glory as WWE Champion by defeating Lashley. He becomes a double champion if at the end of Extreme Rules he’s still the WWE Raw Tag Team Champion as well.