Johnny Gargano's WWE contract will expire on...

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Johnny Gargano's WWE contract will expire on...

In recent weeks, All Elite Wrestling has fired sensational shots in its shows, going to present some well-known pro-wrestling wrestlers, right after they had been released from WWE or had waited for their contract to end with the McMahons.

Of the many names that landed on TNT's televisions, obviously the most sensational were those of CM Punk, Adam Cole and Daniel Bryan, who returned to being Bryan Danielson, as in his period in the independent before his arrival in WWE.

Apparently, though, not only Adam Cole could be the big loss NXT can have in the short term, because Cole's contract wouldn't be the only one expiring this year, but also that of eternal enemy Johnny Gargano. According to what was reported with certainty by the microphones of Fightful Select, an important podcast from the overseas site of the same name, the contract of the former NXT Champion Johnny Gargano will end on December 3rd, but WWE has not yet started negotiations with the athlete, a sign that his stay with the company may no longer be so certain.

Latest update on Johnny Gargano

As reported in one of the site updates: "Johnny Gargano and WWE have not entered into negotiations to extend his contract yet, but WWE appears to be 'willing' to do so in the fall."

Given the new trend and the new format that WWE is trying to bring to its new NXT, it would be no wonder that Gargano is no longer one of the first choices of WWE to keep, given that the athlete has already far exceeded his 30 years.

It would therefore not be a sensational surprise that Gargano does not renew with the WWE to seek "luck" in that AEW which now seems to be a decidedly more prosperous second beach for the former WWE, both NXT and the main roster.

Unlike the contracts of Adam Cole and Pete Dunne earlier this year, WWE is well aware when Johnny Gargano's deal is due to expire. Sapp reports that the company has looked over "many of their deals" following the incident with Cole and Dunne to ensure they aren't caught off-guard again.

While there is no way of knowing Johnny Gargano's plans, fan speculation has already begun to mount that Johnny Wrestling might be on his way to AEW. It's well documented that Gargano has several friends in Tony Khan's promotion, so if he chooses to change companies, it won't come as a huge surprise.

But perhaps the unknown contract situation of his wife Candice LeRae will be the deciding factor on what Gargano decides to do.