*Spoiler* NXT crowns its new champion in Tommaso Ciampa

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*Spoiler* NXT crowns its new champion in Tommaso Ciampa

As you have seen in the last few days, also through our news board, the NXT Champion Samoa Joe, was forced to vacate the title he had at his side for a few weeks, due to an unspecified injury, which again led him to stand still from the action and not be able to work in the WWE rings.

After spending months at the Monday Night Raw commentary table before his release due to other types of injuries, among the most disparate possible, Samoa Joe returns to the federation infirmary, with fans who still think that everything is working by itself, but that seems not to be so.

Just tonight, in the very first episode of the new version of NXT, WWE wanted to crown its new champion, broadcasting a multi-man match, where the former absolute champion, Tommaso Ciampa, returned to triumph after months.

During the main event of the yellow show tonight, WWE aired the match valid for the new coronation of NXT Champion, with the contention that it was a Fatal 4 Way, with the presence of Tommaso Ciampa, Pete Dunne, LA Knight and an unusual Von Wagner, who had gone to replace Kyle O'Reilly, who had been brutally attacked in the backstage and thus had to miss the match due to the unfortunate physical situation that arose.

Tommaso Ciampa is the new NXT Champion

To have the better of this match which in the end became a three-way clash, having also immediately killed the newcomer Von Wagner, was Tommaso Ciampa, who thus regained the maximum title of the third WWE brand after various times, bringing home his beloved Goldy too.

We will be seeing as early as next week who will be his first challenger for the title, even if Pete Dunne and LA Knight are certainly two of the names at the top of Ciampa's eligible candidates, given how tonight's main event has evolved.

Imperium had the early lead with Jenson and Aichner in the ring, but Brooks managed to make the tag to Briggs before they hit a big double-team move. Barthel tagged in and rolled Briggs with a kick and hung him up in their corner for a drive-by dropkick to the head.

Aichner was back, and Jenson was tagged in when Brooks managed to hit a huge gutbuster. Briggs was about to get the tag, but Barthel dropped him from the outside. Jenson went up top, but Aichner reversed his dive into a suplex for a win.