*Spoiler* Imperium achieves a spectacular victory

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*Spoiler* Imperium achieves a spectacular victory

TAG MATCH: Imperium vs Briggs & Jensen; we are witnessing an interesting match with a Briggs who manages to keep up with a Barthel who is definitely in great shape. Obviously, Marcel's alchemy with Fabian allows Imperium to put its opponents in serious trouble.

However, Jensen's entry changes the course of the match with Imperium going into pain with its members who seem almost stunned by the lightning-fast actions of their opponents. However, Barthel and Aichner decide to show their cunning and, after Marcel throws Briggs against the steel steps, he runs to distract Jensen ready to try his hand at a flight from the top of the stake.

Imperium def. Briggs and Jenson

Imperium had the early lead with Jenson and Aichner in the ring, but Brooks managed to make the tag to Briggs before they hit a big double-team move. Barthel tagged in and rolled Briggs with a kick and hung him up in their corner for a drive-by dropkick to the head.

Aichner was back, and Jenson was tagged in when Brooks managed to hit a huge gutbuster. Briggs was about to get the tag, but Barthel dropped him from the outside. Jenson went up top, but Aichner reversed his dive into a suplex for a win.

A fight that in all respects is accomplished but thanks to Fabian who has time to recover his strength and reach his opponent on the top of the pole and then try his hand at a super butterfly suplex followed by the definitive pin.

Result: victory by pinfall of the Imperium. Now it is the turn of an all-female match that sees the debut in the ring of the Hit Raw component. SINGLE MATCH: B-Fab vs Katrina Cortez; Match that basically has nothing to say as it is a simple squash match.

Result: B-Fab pinfall victory. Post-match, we are witnessing yet another verbal clash between the Hit Raw and the Legado del Fantasma which this time however sees B-Fab and Elektra Lopez as protagonists. The two are ready to give her a good reason but Escobar manages to calm Elektra by convincing her to wait for a better moment.

Wyatt had to serve his non-compete clause after WWE released him. It’s supposed to end soon, and some reports claim Wyatt will make his AEW debut on September 29th, 2021. Now, there’s no announcement about this officially from AEW or from Wyatt. Only a few reports have made their way through the wrestling industry.