*Spoiler* Mandy Rose showed off her new look

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*Spoiler* Mandy Rose showed off her new look

We are now offered a video of the preparations for the wedding of the year with Gargano which is joined by Damian Priest and Austin Theory. Now we see Tournament breakout winner Carmelo Hayes in the ring, accompanied by Trick Williams.

After the nice words spent by both of them with Carmelo who in the grip of delirium of omnipotence defines himself as Chosen One, the two leave the square and are joined by Duke Hudson in the meantime. Duke arrogantly turns to Carmelo telling him that he was very lucky in the tournament and then pushes both him and Trick away before entering the ring.

This triggers a spring in Williams prompting him to reach Duke between the ropes to take him down with a big boot and start a full-blown beating. Trick encourages Carmelo to reach it, obtaining the desired result. The two now continue the beating of poor Hudson who obviously can do absolutely nothing but take them for a good reason.

Now it's time for another women's match which this time sees the tag team category engaged. Gigo Dolin and Jacy Jayne were ready to face Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter on NXT this week. Catanzaro and Carter were looking to make an impression but were put on the backfoot by the heels.

Soon after, Mandy Rose interfered in the contest to cause a disqualification. The heels beat down Catanzaro and Carter before Sarray arrived to make the save. William Regal restarted the match as a six-woman tag.

Mandy Rose interfered in the contest

TAG MATCH: Catanzaro & Carter vs Dolin & Jayne; The match doesn't have much to say and sees Kayden and Carter dominating far and wide.

The match is so interesting that NXT herself decides to season it with a video that sees O’Reilly attacked by Dunne and Holland backstage. Returning to the match, Dolin and Jayne's situation forces Mandy Rose to intervene.

Her action, however, costs the disqualification of her assisted persons. The WWE in all this teaches us that a blow to the face that should have "disfigured you" actually gives you the possibility to choose a new hair color.

In fact Rose, after running away weeks ago backstage covering her face almost as if she had suddenly become the hunchback of Notre Dame, today she returns in front of the general public more beautiful than ever but with brown hair instead of blond. I think there is no need to add more.