How did the ratings of the new NXT go?

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How did the ratings of the new NXT go?

On Tuesday night, WWE aired a new installment of its third most important weekly show on USA Network: NXT. What the fans expected, however, was a real generational change that would leave the fans speechless and so it was for most of the members of the WWE Universe, with a fresh and brand new format, new colors, sets of new lights, but also a modified arena and very special sets.

The WWE Universe audience has already divided between those who loved this drastic change and those who are already regretting their old version, the black and gold one, with the new colors, the new shots and the new recruits arrived at NXT that would not go everyone likes it, but maybe it's just for the novelty of these things.

In all this, however, the WWE can console itself, given that at the first episode of the new adventure with NXT, the ratings already smile at the McMahons, thanks to the fact that there has been an abundant upward inflection of the ratings, only a week from the last episode which registered just over 600 thousand spectators.

WWE NXT brought in 770,000 viewers

According to what is reported by the Wrestlenomics website, which deals with all the numbers relating to the most famous wrestling companies in the world, this week's episode of NXT would have totaled an average of 770,000 viewers, of which a third would be part of the demographic.

ranging from 18 to 49 years, which is the age group that WWE and pro-wrestling companies in general aim for the most. Last week, NXT had stopped at 601,000, with the score of the 18 to 49 age bracket stuck at 0.14, while this week it settled at 0.21.

However, the trend of NXT has remained good or bad always at the same level, with the month of August which has always remained around 700,000 spectators a week, but with the WWE which is aiming a lot to increase these numbers too, trying to bring NXT on the level of Raw and Smackdown and with these big changes hopes to at least get closer to the two most historic shows.

Last week, WWE NXT took the 31st spot on cable for Wednesday. This week, they rose up to 10th. The numbers have risen across the board for WWE NXT 2.0. Regardless of what happens in the future, night one of the rebranding must be viewed as a success. WWE NXT 2.0 opened this week with LA Knight going one-on-one with Bron Breakker, the son of the legendary Rick Steiner.