*Spoiler* Odyssey Jones shows great talent

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*Spoiler* Odyssey Jones shows great talent

The evening starts in fourth place with NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa in the center of the ring together with all the new recruits we have seen debuting, some in the ring and some not, last week. After asserting that with him as champion, NXT 2.0 will become the A Show again, he is joined first by Cameron Grimes who has a verbal exchange with Joe Gacy, then by L.A.

Knight who is abruptly interrupted by Odyssey Jones and finally by Pete Dunne accompanied by Ridge Holland. The NXT UK launches into a series of insults to all the new recruits, triggering Ciampa's anger which in fact triggers a fight that sees him and Bron Breakker left alone in the center of the ring.

As if that weren't enough we are catapulted out of the ring where we witness a sketch of a fight between B-Fab, Elektra Lopez, Kay Lee Ray and Amari Mille. The four, however, are stopped before the situation escalates. We are brought back to the ring where Ciampa and Breakker are still busy with Dunne and Holland, still having the upper hand.

Bron however has not had enough and decides to challenge the two to a tag team match tonight by asking the NXT Champion to be his partner. Let's now move on to the long-awaited match valid for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship so far postponed due to the period of forced inactivity of the Japanese athlete and champion, Kushida.

Andre Chase held a class on WWE NXT 2.0. He looked to teach his students how to be a winner. After some to-and-fro, Odyssey Jones decided to show Chase how to defeat two men at once.

Odyssey Jones shows great talent

Odyssey Jones dominated his opponents and hit some big moves.

He ended their misery with a second-rope splash for the win. After the match, Andre Chase tried to attack Jones with a steel chair. However, the massive NXT Superstar broke the chair with his hand. NXT CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Kushida (c) vs Strong We witness a match in which the poor Kushida is forced to suffer the oppression of the whole gang of the Diamond Mine.

In fact, let's see how Malcolm Bivens manages to save his client imprisoned in the Hoverboard Lock, placing his foot on the lowest rope and thus forcing the referee to force the champion to stop the submission maneuver.

As if that weren't enough, then we see the Creed Brothers manage to knock the champion out of the ring, with the referee being distracted by Bivens, eventually being knocked down by Ivy Nile's superman punch. Once returned to the ring, the Japanese is knocked down first with a very violent knee and then with the Strong Breaker which is followed by the final pin.

Result: Roderick Strong pinch win who is then proclaimed the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion. SINGLE MATCH: Amari Mille vs Kay Lee Ray; Ray immediately starts the attack with Mille who, however, manages to respond to the attacks in the first place by also attempting the pin but does not go well.

Ray, however, decides to take the match in hand and begins to do with Mille what she wants of her, coming to knock her down with the Gory Bomb. Result: Kay Lee Ray pinfall victory.