*Spoiler* NXT: Cameron Grimes gets a comfortable win

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*Spoiler* NXT: Cameron Grimes gets a comfortable win

Now it is the turn of the match that sees an athlete from Singapore as the protagonist for the first time. SINGLE MATCH: Dante Chen vs Tray Baxter; We are witnessing a substantially balanced match with excellent maneuvers on both sides, such as a German snap suplex by Baxter who then tries to climb the stake and is at first interrupted by Chen who forces him to take a leap by landing behind him and then imprisoning him.

in a small package. Chen quickly manages to break free and land his final maneuver. Result: Dante Chen's win by pinching. Let's now move on to another match that is the son of what happened at the beginning of the evening.

Before the match begins, we witness a monologue from Kevin Owens' version of Wish who claims to be here to redeem everyone and open their eyes. He is then joined by million dollar man Cameron Grimes. While most debuting superstars have gotten fun characters on NXT, that isn't the case with everybody.

Joe Gacy is playing the role of a champion of political correctness as a heel, which may not be the greatest idea in 2021.

NXT: Cameron Grimes gets a comfortable win

SINGLE MATCH: Joey Gacy vs Cameron Grimes; We are witnessing an excellent match between the two with Grimes trying to play a bit with his opponent while the latter decides to go heavy by scoring with a sort of Rock Bottom.

Gacy insists on the attack but is forced to suffer a comeback from Grimes. Joey, however, does not give up and manages to take down Grimes with a violent running clothesline which is followed by an attempt to pin. Grimes is not there and after having regained the reins of the match he manages to score his running foot stomp which is followed by the final pin.

Result: Cameron Grimes pinfall victory. Post-match we see Cameron Grimes intent on celebrating that is joined by Joey who hugs him thanking him for the match he just had. Cameron, however, remains very concerned about who goes there, convinced that Gacy would try to KO him.

However, this does not happen and Gacy leaves the ring heading backstage. Now it's time for a match starring the female component of the Legado del Fantasma. SINGLE MATCH: Elektra Lopez vs Anna Sheer; Meeting that has absolutely nothing to say and sees Lopez dominate far and wide and take the victory home.

Result: Elektra Lopez pinned victory. Post match Santos Escobar praises Elektra of her by telling her that she completes the Familia del Legado Del Fantasma. Elektra takes the floor and after defining herself as the Godmother of the Legado of the Phantom, she openly challenges B-Fab.

Hit Row shows up on stage, without B-Fab, who however suddenly emerges behind the Legado and throws herself violently on Elektra.