*Spoiler* Elektra Lopez picks up a huge victory

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*Spoiler* Elektra Lopez picks up a huge victory

The latest episode sees three titled matches as well as the continuation of a rivalry that has been with us for months now. To open the dance we think the Hit Row that we find in the center of the ring intent on presenting the entire card of the evening listing all the titled matches, however specifying that, obviously, the North American Championship around the life of Isaiah Scott will not be up for grabs.

In fact, their rivalry this evening will see B-Fab involved in a no-disqualification match with the female representative of the Legado del Fantasma who in no uncertain terms shows up in the ring to kick off the dances. NO-DQ MATCH: B-Fab vs Elektra Lopez; much of the action takes place at ringside where B-Fab also crashes into the steps.

As it was reasonable to think, the situation degenerates with the two stable starting to give them as if there was no tomorrow before being removed from the ring. Back in the ropes, we see B-Fab trying to hold Elektra at bay with a chair.

However, Lopez manages to take back the reins of the contest and end it with a sit-out powerbomb.

It was the right call to allow Elektra Lopez to win

Result: Elektra Lopez pinned victory; We are now offered some clips of the honeymoon between Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis with the two being constantly monitored by Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae.

We are now witnessing a promo by Joe Gacy who claims to have had a better impact than his predecessors Tommaso Ciampa and Roderick Strong who, unlike him, had to use their hands to be seen while he used the words. This makes him a better person.

However, this is not enough to not be interrupted by the arrival of Xyon Quinn who shows up in the ring for his match. Lopez used her strength and slammed B-Fab on top of a chair twice. She Speared Fab into the steel chair then sent her face-first into it.

The powerhouse ended the match with a Blue Thunder Bomb to B-Fab for the win. NXT did well to book a hard-hitting women’s match to kick off to show. Both women put on a strong fight and gave their respective factions something to brag about.

It was the right call to allow Elektra Lopez to win. Legado Del Fantasma has been the premier faction in NXT since Undisputed ERA broke up. The team needs a bigger push before Hit Row can come up to its level.