*Spoiler* Mandy Rose held the Women’s title high above her head

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*Spoiler* Mandy Rose held the Women’s title high above her head

SINGLE MATCH: Xyon Quinn vs Oney Lorcan; We witness a pleasant match that sees Oney try to exploit his experience to counteract the physical arrogance of his adversity. Difficult to contain physicality that when Xyon decides to release, it pours like a tsunami on poor Lorcan who can only surrender to the inevitable and after a running elbow smash, the referee can only count to three.

Result: Xyon Quinn pinch win; After the break, we see the NXT Tag Team Champions in the ring and if you were wondering it's MSK. NXT did well to build the final match of the night. Monet looked strong throughout, and the loss will not dent her momentum.

Meanwhile, Mandy Rose looks ready to challenge the powerhouse champion next. Rose hasn’t worked well in the ring for some time, but a couple of matches against Raquel Gonzalez could set her up for a title run. She could be the right woman to dethrone the current NXT Women’s Champion.

Mandy Rose held the Women’s title high above her head

These decide to launch a challenge to anyone who wants to tear his belts and to answer obviously are none other than the Grizzled Young Veterans who as we know have an open account with the 2, followed in turn by Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams with the first who declares who could take advantage of the title shot obtained with the victory of the breakout tournament and finally by the duo composed of newcomers Josh Briggs and Books Jensen.

Obviously, the situation degenerates and a fight starts, between the six. Now is the time for the interview with NXT Women 's Champion Raquel Gonzalez who she is confident of keeping the title tonight. The Toxic Attraction passes close to the champion, close to entering the ring, with their leader Mandy Rose declaring that the champion belt would be better for her.

Johnny Gargano has won it all during his WWE NXT career. Gargano is a former NXT Champion, NXT North American Champion, and NXT Tag-team champion. Hit Row has been involved in a feud with Legado del Fantasma for quite some time now.

But now, with their feud coming to its near end, we might see the popular NXT faction make the switch to Raw or SmackDown. Hit row will certainly add an extra dimension to the main roster. The former NXT Cruiserweight Champion is in consideration to become a future WWE superstar. He is best known for his technical prowess and great in-ring work.