*Spoiler* Roderick Strong uses his experience to win

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*Spoiler* Roderick Strong uses his experience to win

SINGLE MATCH: Boa vs Andre Chase; The fight doesn't have much to say and sees that Boa's able to easily stand up to his opponent. Chase tries to react but Boa's overwhelming physical power is too superior. Chase even ends up being thrown out of the ring where he has a face to face with Mei Ying who spits dust in his face that blinds him.

Back on the ropes, he was shot down by Boa's Inverted DDT who won the victory. Result: Boa's pinfall victory. We are now offered another excerpt from the honeymoon between Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis. We see Gargano mistakenly enter the room of the newlyweds convinced to find them in an embarrassing situation when instead the 2 had simply taken a pillow.

Returning to the arena we see that everything is ready for the next match of the evening that sees Roderick Strong defend the title he recently won. Grayson Waller challenged Roderick Strong for the Cruiserweight Championship on WWE NXT 2.0.

Waller looked set to win the title from the Diamond Mine member and attacked him before the bell. The newcomer kept attacking the veteran before he launched him to the outside off the top rope. It was good to see Waller dominate Strong for some time and keep him on the backfoot.

He nearly sneaked a victory with a pin before the NXT Cruiserweight Champion kicked out.

Grayson Waller challenged Roderick Strong

NXT CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Roderick Strong (c) vs Waller; We are offered a very pleasant match with Waller who tries them all in order to bring home, even reaching the pin after a splendid elbow drop.

Not happy Waller also performs in a flight out of the ring and then returns with a leap between the ropes and then hits the mark with a devastating stunner who, however, gives him only a count of 2. The difference, however, is the experience of Strong that out of nowhere lands a terrible knee in the face of poor Waller who collapses helplessly to the carpet.

Result: Roderick Strong's pinch victory confirms his NXT Cruiserweight Champion. While all the seats available may not be occupied, a number above 40,000 is expected at a minimum. Additionally, this is a major PPV, the one that kicks off the season.

Hence, fans from across the nation will want to be a part of the event. Moreover, WWE has a massive history with St. Louis, so Royal Rumble 2022 could possibly be one of the biggest PPVs of 2022.