*Spoiler* Kyle O'Reilly defeated Ridge Holland

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*Spoiler* Kyle O'Reilly defeated Ridge Holland

We are now witnessing the debut of "Lashing Out" conducted by Lash Legend. Let's go back to the action now with the next match that sees the continuation of another rivalry that has been dragging on for months, despite some pieces being "lost" on the way.

SINGLE MATCH: Ridge Holland vs Kyle O'Reilly; The former Undisputed ERA decided to take the lead by attacking his opponent before the match began. An advantage that is only partially felt given that Holland's physical arrogance is still an impacting factor within the dispute and that allows him to go close to the final pin on several occasions.

Dunne and Holland attacked Kyle O'Reilly after the match

Ridge Holland was making his entrance with Pete Dunne when Kyle O'Reilly came out of the smoke and attacked them. After a break on NXT 2.0, the match was underway and Holland was beating up O'Reilly.

Kyle came back with a few strikes to the head and took Holland to the corner before going after his knees. KOR went for a hold but Holland lifted him and dumped him in the corner. O’Reilly, thanks to his technical skills, manages to overturn the situation, preparing everything for his knee smash but being interrupted by Pete Dunne.

Holland tries to take advantage of it but ends up being thrown right against Dunne and then undergoes the roll-up which turns out to be decisive. Result: Kyle O’Reilly's pinfall victory. Post-match we see Holland and Dunne unleash their frustration on poor O’Reilly who is quickly saved by Von Wagner.

After a small promo dedicated to one of the upcoming arrivals named Tony D'Angelo, let's get ready for the last match of the evening. WWE has announced the venue for Royal Rumble 2022. Not only is the venue here, but WWE has set the date as well!

The PPV is being hosted by The Dome. The arena can seat up to 82,600. However, the arena has levels that range from primary luxury suites level to terrace level. The other levels are a private club seat and luxury suite level and a concourse level.

The number of suites and seats on different levels differs, with the terrace level having the highest number with 29,400. Whether it was WrestleMania 37 or Money in the Bank or SummerSlam 2021 or Extreme Rules 2021, each of these events has taken the product up a notch.

The titles have changed hands, Superstars have changed characters, and the matches have upped the brutality with each passing PPV.