Great news for NXT UK

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Great news for NXT UK

Today's news is the one that sees the public return live to NXT UK shows, after almost 18 months of the public present only through television screens due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Here is the official release: "NXT UK is ready to welcome fans back to the BT Sport Studio starting Thursday, October 14, airing at 3 pm ET / 8pm BST on Peacock in the US and WWE Network throughout.

the rest of the world. Marking the first public return to NXT UK in nearly 18 months, the episode will see Ilja Dragunov defend her NXT UK Championship against A-Kid." The Inside The Ropes website also lets us know that no tickets will be made available for general sale, but that there will be a limited number of fans invited by WWE.

Loyal fans will receive an email today thanking them for being a passionate member of the NXT UK Universe, and inviting them to two sets of tapings this week. Masks will be needed, as will proof of dual vaccination or a negative test.

Obviously, with the pandemic that has not yet passed, these security measures are necessary, but it is also nice to see that we are slowly returning to normal and to do so we must follow all the rules.

WWE and relations with the UK

WhatCulture reported that WWE could bring one of its PPVs to the UK in 2022.

A source informed the site, telling them that this could happen next September. Not only that, in fact, it seems that Vince McMahon is trying to make this a stadium show with an expected fan attendance of 90,000 people if that were possible.

In addition to the ppv itself, the source said these interim plans also involve a fan event on the show's weekend and a Raw recording on the Monday after this ppv. It is rumored that this could happen on the occasion of Summerslam 2022, but obviously, with the date still, very far away, these are only hypotheses that could turn out to be not true.

One day in the near future, the WWE Universe might get to witness former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre go one-on-one with former WWE NXT UK Champion WALTER. "From the sound of things and the buzz whenever I mention his name and mine together in a match, I expect the WWE Universe to be very excited for the level of physicality they're about to see, and that's what they're going to get," Drew McIntyre said.

"I know that I'm going to bring it as I do every time I get in a ring, and I know WALTER's going to bring it, just like when myself and Sheamus get in the ring and the physically is off the charts."