*Spoiler* Mandy Rose defeated Ember Moon

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*Spoiler* Mandy Rose defeated Ember Moon

An all-female match involving the leader of one of the stables who is recently having her say in that of NXT opens the evening. SINGLE MATCH: Mandy Rose vs Ember Moon; we are witnessing a very interesting clash with a Mandy who manages to keep up with her opponent trying several times to break her breath with a series of submission maneuvers.

When Ember decides to press the accelerator, however, the situation changes and he too scores an avalance codebreaker. Not happy, Moon then prepares for the Eclipse which is promptly avoided Rose who in all response hits the mark with a running knee to which she follows the final pin.

Result: Mandy Rose's pinfall win; Let's continue now with the second match that sees the now former Million Dollar Champ engaged.

Huge victory for Mandy Rose

The show opened with Mandy Rose defeating Ember Moon in a solid match.

While this was a good win for the leader of Toxic Attraction, it harmed the former NXT Women's Champion. Moon had teased a character change a while back but is yet to act on it. SINGLE MATCH: L.A. Knight vs Odyssey Jones; Knight is forced to use all his experience to contain his opponent's physical hubris.

However, the work turns out to be more difficult than expected, in fact when he tries to score a bodyslam the weight of Odyssey unbalances him preventing him from completing the maneuver, giving in fact a huge advantage to his opponent.

Jones then realizes that the time has come to step on the accelerator. After landing a couple of maneuvers including a devastating gutbuster, Odyssey is distracted by Chase. Knight then has nothing to do but capitalize with a neckbreaker.

During the pin Chase manages to move Odyssey's foot from under the rope so that the count cannot be interrupted. After winning the NCAA Division I Title, Steveson revealed he wanted to be a part of WWE. But, after winning the Olympic medal.

In fact, he revealed he wanted to be the best WWE Superstar to have ever walked the ring. At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Steveson secured the Gold in Freestyle Wrestling. Following that, he reached out to Vince McMahon on social media, but The Big Man did not respond to that.

Some time ago, Steveson teased that the negotiations were done, the contract was drafted, and it was just a matter of signing the document. However, at that point, he did not reveal if he was joining WWE or another wrestling promotion.