*Spoiler* Tommaso Ciampa has to watch his back

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*Spoiler* Tommaso Ciampa has to watch his back

Now we see the NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa in the ring announcing the return of Halloween Havoc then continuing with the de facto launch of an open challenge for the title. The answer is obviously Bron Breakker who, without too many words, says that he wants that title and that he will get it in Halloween Havoc.

Ciampa responds by pointing out that the difference between them is that he needs the title while his opponent simply wants it. However, the champion is not intimidated by Bron's bravado and confirms that the match will be played.

Let's continue now with the third match of the evening.

Tommaso Ciampa has to watch his back

We could see the quickest push in NXT history come to a head in three weeks, as Bron Breakker meets his date with destiny. The second-generation Superstar can gift himself the NXT Championship from Tommaso Ciampa at Halloween Havoc, two days after his 24th birthday.

SINGLE MATCH: Ikemen Jiro vs Joe Gacy; We see a Joe fully in control of the matchmaking his opponent literally what he wants. Jiro, however, is not there and responds with a series of blows to the face followed by a hurricanerana from the top of the stake and then groped to score with a running enziguri kick which is however promptly avoided by Gacy.

In response, Joe uses the ropes as momentum to hit the mark with a devastating clothesline followed by the final pin. Result: Joe Gacy's pinfall win. Post-match we see Joe hugging his opponent who remains petrified in the center of the ring.

Once he leaves the square, Joe is in turn petrified by the presence of a figure, albeit disturbing, located in the audience. Could he be one of the first followers of the new NXT guru? The NXT champion first appeared in WWE way back in 2005.

Ciampa appeared as Muhammad Hassan’s lawyer on SmackDown as WWE involved him in a segment with The Undertaker. During the segment, The Undertaker even attacked Tommaso Ciampa. “It’s just one of those things that to this day – I walked in so nervous, the second I saw him in a muscle tank top making protein shakes offering one to Vince, all my tension and nerves just went away,” He added.

Now, after 16 long years, Ciampa is at the top of his game and is regarded as one of the finest wrestlers in NXT. It might be a matter of time when we see him getting drafted to the main roster permanently.