*Spoiler* Cora Jade amazes everyone in her debut

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*Spoiler* Cora Jade amazes everyone in her debut

Now it's the turn of another all-female match. SINGLE MATCH: Cora Jade vs Franky Monet; We see a Franky doing her opponent literally what she wants, scoring herself with a double running knee on the post. Trey Baxter comes to Cora's psychological rescue.

However, the support seems not to be enough with Monet who literally has full control of the match, getting everything ready for her final maneuver. This maneuver, however, does not materialize as it is promptly transformed into a small package by Cora who thus obtains the definitive pin.

Result: Cora Jade's pinfall victory. Let's continue now with another very interesting match.

Cora Jade was ready to face Virginia Ferry

Cora Jade was ready to face Virginia Ferry on WWE NXT this week. Before the match began, an aggravated Franky Monet laid out Ferry and took her spot.

Monet looked to vent her frustration on Jade after losing her NXT Women’s Championship match against Raquel Gonzalez last week. SINGLE MATCH: Pete Dunne vs Cameron Grimes; We are offered a match with very high rhythms thanks also to the technical skills of the participants.

Cameron engages in a wonderful German suplex into the bridge which, however, is only followed by a 2 count. Dunne then decides to distract the referee by removing the cover from the top of the stake so that Holland can attack poor Cameron.

An attack which, however, is not successful thanks to the intervention of Kyle O’Reilly. However, the former EU is promptly knocked out by Dunne who throws him on the comment table. Grimes tries to take advantage of the confusing situation by trying to score the caveman, Dunne however manages to quickly dodge the blow by ending poor Grimes on the rope.

The former NXT UK Champion therefore only has to score the Bitter End. Tommaso Ciampa is currently making the headlines in NXT 2.0 as the NXT Champion. The developmental brand of WWE changed to NXT 2.0 last month as it focuses on the future.

The NXT champion first appeared in WWE way back in 2005. Ciampa appeared as Muhammad Hassan’s lawyer on SmackDown as WWE involved him in a segment with The Undertaker. During the segment, The Undertaker even attacked Ciampa.

Ciampa said, “There was a point in the day I still remember so vividly today where I had to do a rehearsal in front of Vince where I would read my lawyer script. When I finally got to go into Vince’s room, hunter was making protein shakes”.