*Spoiler* Pete Dunne wins an important match

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*Spoiler* Pete Dunne wins an important match

SINGLE MATCH: Pete Dunne vs Cameron Grimes; We are offered a match with very high rhythms thanks also to the technical skills of the participants. Cameron engages in a wonderful German suplex into the bridge which, however, is only followed by a 2 count.

Dunne then decides to distract the referee by removing the cover from the top of the stake so that Holland can attack poor Cameron. An attack which, however, is not successful thanks to the intervention of Kyle O’Reilly.

However, the former EU is promptly knocked out by Dunne who throws him on the comment table. Grimes tries to take advantage of the confusing situation by trying to score the caveman, Dunne however manages to quickly dodge the blow by ending poor Grimes on the rope.

The former NXT UK Champion therefore only has to score the Bitter End.

Pete Dunne def. Cameron Grimes

Result: Pete Dunne's pinfall victory. Post-match O'Reilly seeks revenge but the numerical superiority of his opponents means that this does not happen, ending up being knocked out.

We have now come to the moment we have all been waiting for, but also not. I'm clearly talking about the debut of the new talent of clear Italian origin. SINGLE MATCH: Tony D'Angelo vs Malik Blade. Seeing Tony's clothing, the good Mauro Ranallo immediately comes to mind with his proverbial "mamma mia"

Such bad clothing that he even manages to distract you from the match. Trying to focus on what happens between the ropes, we see that Blade's been able to keep up with his opponent, arriving several times close to the pin.

D'Angelo then decides to use his cunning on the field, causing poor Balde to finish badly against the lower part of the stake. This is the key moment that allows Tony to take over the reins of the match by scoring first with a northern suplex and then with a devastating swinning neckbreaker followed by the final pin.

Pete Dunne tried to get Grimes to submit before being caught in a bridge cover for another near fall. Holland tried to pull Grimes out of the ring but O'Reilly showed up and attacked Holland and Dunne. Dunne threw Kyle over the announce table before heading back into the ring and landing the Bitter End for the win.

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