*Spoiler* Parker Boudreaux showed up without saying a word

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*Spoiler* Parker Boudreaux showed up without saying a word

Let's continue now with the match that involves the frightening leader of the Tian Sha now orphans of the talented Xia Li now drafted in Smackdown. SINGLE MATCH: Mei Ying vs then Hartwell; We see an Indi definitely frightened by her opponent to try in every way to keep up with her but without the desired result.

In fact, as soon as Mei presses on the accelerator, she highlights the difference between the two with the leader of Tian Sha who literally does what she wants. We even see Mei drag poor Indi out of the ring with a grip on her neck and then push her violently against the stake.

Ying then prepares to score a big boot. With so many Superstars making their NXT debuts through backstage vignettes and in-ring promos, it was refreshing to see Parker Boudreaux show up without saying a word. Parker Boudreaux became the newest big man signed by WWE.

Parker Boudreaux will look to carve his path on NXT

Parker Boudreaux, a former football player was on WWE’s radar for a while, and the company has finally gained him. His resemblance to Brock Lesnar adds to his superstar appeal, but he himself isn’t too happy with the comparisons.

Shot that is avoided by Indi thanks to the intervention of Persia Pirotti who moves her to the last second of her and ends up receiving the Ying boot straight on her face. Then she takes the opportunity to throw Mei against her stake and then brings her back to the ring and score a springboard elbowdrop which is followed by the final pin.

Result: Indi Hartwell's pinfall victory. We are now offered an interview with NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez which is promptly interrupted by the Toxic Attraction. However, the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Io Shirai and Zoey Stark obviously come to the rescue of the champion, forcing the Toxic Attraction to retreat even before scoring a single shot.

So here we are at the last match of the evening which sees the NXT Tag Team Championship being defended in a fatal 4-way elimination match. This is probably a huge claim by the future WWE superstar, especially considering the surrounding buzz.

Being compared to Lesnar has kept Parker Boudreaux in the spotlight for a long time. The likes of Blake Christian, Christian Casanova, and even Bronson Rechsteiner, all signed WWE contracts, but aren’t receiving the attention Boudreaux is.

Fans were quick to acknowledge Boudreaux’s confidence. Putting an end to the ‘Brock Lesnar doppelganger’ fad is only beneficial to the youngster. Fans can only hope that better things come his way, and soon enough too.