Rhea Ripley Comments on the NXT 2.0

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Rhea Ripley Comments on the NXT 2.0

Rhea Ripley is a former NXT wrestler, and she spoke about NXT 2.0. Rhea created a huge fan base for herself after she joined NXT. She was a famous indie wrestler before. She is currently one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

On the Battleground Podcast, she spoke about whether she would feel at home if she ever returned to NXTX now that it has changed. Rhea clearly stated that she would probably not fit well in NXT 2.0.

Rhea Ripley Speaks About Probably Not Being a Good Fit for NXT 2.0

“I miss NXT.

Right now, how it is [with NXT 2.0], how it’s all changed, I don’t know if I’d really fit in. When it was the metal scene and very grungy, I loved that NXT,” Rhea explained. “Not saying that the one now is bad or anything, just saying that it’s definitely more for the up-and-comers.

Everyone’s trying to make a name for themselves. But, saying that, I would definitely go back in a heartbeat, especially to help my girl, Raquel Gonzalez. I don’t like it when she gets jumped, so I’ve got her back”.

Rhea will stay on RAW. This will give her a chance to probably square off against WWE’s top female stars that are part of WWE RAW right now. “I do like the color red, I do like being on RAW, but I really want to step in the ring with Becky again.

I got to wrestle her once in NXT and it got cut short by Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn, and Marina [Shafir], so I would love to step in the ring with her again and I would love to be a grand slam champion,” Rhea stated. “I love disrupting the peace, apparently.

But that day will come and my time will come whether it’s this draft or next draft, I really have no idea. But I’m down for a fight whenever so if Becky wants to fight me, then I’m ready”. Rhea Ripley then spoke about whether she will be interested in unifying the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles, by also winning the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles.

“I would love that, and that would be a good excuse to go to NXT, as well. And I haven’t wrestled Zoey Stark, but I have wrestled Io Shirai many, many times and I would love to step in the ring with Io again. She’s one of my favorite competitors to be in the ring with”.