WWE strongly believes in the new NXT

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WWE strongly believes in the new NXT

In recent weeks, WWE has presented the project of its new NXT, or the second version of the program that once featured the yellow and black colors and which has now become a fresher and more colorful format, capable of entertaining fans much better.

youngest of the WWE Universe to listen. After weeks of preparation, WWE presented a new arena, with many more colors, with a new format and several new Superstars who have entered the official roster of the company's development brand, with new sets and new lights that they have also improved everything on the scenographic side.

Apparently, WWE is betting a lot on this new renaissance, with the new NXT being the fundamental weapon of the McMahons for the demographic that always loses the company, towards the competition.

WWE and the high hopes for NXT

As revealed by Andrew Zarian, in the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast, WWE would be focusing very much on the new version of NXT, much more than with the other rosters, because in it, it sees a possible great future direction.

In one of his latest updates, the well-known journalist said: “Speaking to an inside source this morning, I was told what direction they want to go with NXT and what their expectations are. They are trying to bring in new younger viewers, who connect with pop culture and various trends.

Without even saying it, the demographic numbers are disappointing at the moment but we are confident that when it catches on well on the road, there will be a good increase." For the younger generation audience, then, WWE would be betting heavily on NXT and not on the main roster, with the formats of the three main programs broadcast on TV in the United States by WWE, which are in fact completely different from each other, precisely to make it clear how much WWE points on one and how much on the others, which are now verified and historical shows of the company, with their target audience.

Regarding the all-important 18-49 demo, WWE NXT 2.0 also saw a slight drop from last week from 0.14 to 0.13. While the viewership and demo dropped again this week, the decrease wasn't as big as last week's decline.

For this reason, it's fair to say that this number reflects NXT 2.0's core audience. Whether the show manages to get the viewership number it had a few weeks ago remains to be seen.