Solo Sikoa made his debut on NXT

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Solo Sikoa made his debut on NXT

In the latest episode of NXT, WWE wanted to give several surprises to its fans, with the latest edition of Halloween Havoc, which this year more than ever, gave WWE Universe fans unique and unrepeatable moments, both as regards the title changes and as regards the debuts in the ring.

In addition to seeing new male couple champions and new female tag team champions, WWE wanted to return to trust the former main roster athlete, who moved to NXT a few months ago, Mandy Rose, making her beat Raquel Gonzalez, thus becoming champion of the colored roster of Tuesday evening for the first time.

In addition to the titled matches, however, tonight there was also space for the official debut of Solo Sikoa, younger brother of the Usos twins of Friday Night Smackdown and the cousin of the Tribal Chief of the blue show, Roman Reigns.

In a segment that featured LA Knight and Grayson Waller, who eventually emerged as the special host of the WWE Halloween episode, street fighter Solo Sikoa also made his debut, to the general surprise.

Solo Sikoa debuted on NXT

After hearing that his car was having trouble, LA Knight tried to figure out who was behind these pranks made on his vehicle, with Chucky, the killer doll that featured the episode, being targeted as the architect of such problems.

Eventually, in that context, Solo Sikoa rushed into the ring, literally killing both LA Knight and Waller, stunned fans in the arena and those connected from home to attend the event. Apparently, it already seems that the WWE wants to bet a lot on the brother of the Usos, who is currently presented as a street fighter and therefore one of those fighters taken from the street and ready to fight in any situation.

Following his debut, 7x WWE Tag Team Champions, and key members of The Bloodline, Jimmy and Jey Uso, took to Twitter to respond. The message was a single "blood" emoji and straight to the point. Sikoa is The Usos' real-life younger brother and son of WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi.

Since Sikoa was signed to a WWE Developmental deal this past summer, fans have been speculating whether or not he could join The Bloodline on the WWE main roster. Both NXT and WWE fans have taken to social media to voice their theories.

While the idea of The Bloodline adding another member sounds enticing, WWE will probably want Sikoa to have at least ONE match in NXT first.