NXT: Toxic Attraction amazed everyone once again

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NXT: Toxic Attraction amazed everyone once again

Hartwell & Pirotta vs Toxic Attraction vs Stark & ​​Shirai Obviously we are witnessing a very interesting match that sees the 6 athletes give their all. We see the Stark being thrown off the ladder and in order to save herself from a bad fall, she gives herself momentum on the third rope so as to land on some of the athletes placed at the ringside.

The dispute continues with poor Stark who is violently thrown onto the ladder by an Indi spinbuster who then tries to reach her belt and is intercepted by Shirai who manages to push her down the ladder. Then, however, he does not give up and pushes Shirai down the ladder making her end up badly on a ladder positioned as a bridge between the ring and the comment table.

Toxic Attraction won all the gold

NXT 2.0 made the right decision to put all the Women's Championships on members of Toxic Attraction. The heel trio has been great since arriving on the scene in their current form. Mandy Rose is a good leader and has earned the NXT Women's Championship, after impressing in the ring recently.

She defeated Raquel Gonzalez in a Trick or Street Fight, following interference from a mystery person that was revealed to be Dakota Kai. Then she tries the climb again but is intercepted by Jane who, however, is unable to definitively block the ascent of Dexter's companion.

A mission which, on the other hand, is fully completed by Gigi Dollin who manages to bring down poor Indi and take her belts. Result: the victory of the Toxic Attraction who then become the new NXT Tag Team Women's Champions.

We then move on to the second match of the evening which sees the most "positive" character of NXT engaged. The fan reaction around this result was largely split down the middle and it’s hard to find a general consensus across the board.

One thing is for sure, the match-up garnered a lot of attention from the WWE Universe. There are some fans who believe Rose winning was the correct way to end the match, and have congratulated her. On the other hand, some aren’t too convinced Rose actually defeated Raquel Gonzalez and became Champion.

Hence, this section of the fans expressed their displeasure over the situation. One possible challenger for Mandy Rose is Dakota Kai, considering she made her return at Halloween Havoc. However, she may want to get done with her business with Raquel Gonzalez, but a rematch between Rose and Gonzalez is on the cards as well.