NXT: Diamond Mine showed great courage

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NXT: Diamond Mine showed great courage

Now it is the turn of the open challenge launched by the Diamond Mine. SINGLE MATCH: Roderick Strong vs Odyssey Jones; Odyssey obviously tries to bet everything on his physicality by worrying and not a little poor Strong who in response tries to bring the match from him by exploiting his excellent technical skills.

Jones seems to be one step away from victory but the Creed Brothers manage to distract him by allowing Strong to land the devastating knee to his face. Diamond Mine came out to issue a Pick Your Poison challenge to anyone at NXT Halloween Havoc.

Malcolm Bivens offered the massive Odyssey Jones a shot at NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong.

Diamond Mine is very talented

The concept of Pick Your Poison is a good one. It works well for a diverse faction like Diamond Mine.

WWE should focus on giving more superstars in the back a few matches against Diamond Mine. Result: Roderick Strong's pinfall victory. The excellent moment of the Diamond Mine continues, with the stable obtaining yet another victory and which now seems to have no rivals.

Now it's time for the match that sees the women's title up for grabs. Cole and O’Reilly brawled outside the ring into the announcers' table. Meanwhile, Kushida sat in the corner and regrouped after the intense match.

Just as Kushida could make his way on the outside to stop the brawl, an unknown man attacked him. No one realized who it is at the start, as we could only see the name ‘Diamond Mine’ printed on his jacket. After putting away Kushida with a vicious backbreaker, the unknown man revealed himself to be none other than Roderick Strong!

Yes, the former member of the Undisputed Era! Roderick Strong didn’t come alone. As Kushida laid lifeless inside the ring, Strong stood tall on top. Tyler Rust, another NXT Superstar, came and stood right behind Strong while another strong Japanese man stood on another side.

For those unaware, the Japanese man is former Pro Wrestling NOAH wrestler Hideki Suzuki. There was a lot of intrigue behind who Diamond Mine could be, and today the wait finally came to an end. It’s safe to say Diamond Mine is here to stay and to take over NXT.

Soon after this, the rest of The Diamond Mine also got involved. Malcolm Bivens distracted the referee as he tried to get in the ring. Taking advantage of this, the other members of The Diamond Mine attacked Kushida by pulling him out of the ring, and then again sending him back in the ring. Roderick Strong then hit his finisher ‘End of Heartache’ on Kushida to pick up the victory.