NXT: Mandy Rose can call herself champion

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NXT: Mandy Rose can call herself champion

We are offered a decidedly violent match with the two athletes who do not spare themselves. We see Mandy Rose coming close to the pin after having violently throwing the champion against the steel steps. Gonzalez also comes close to winning after throwing Rose across a table with a spear.

Raquel seems to be getting closer and closer to bringing the fight home when a hooded figure decides to hit her with a shovel allowing Mandy Rose to land with a devastating knee that she follows the final pin.

Mandy Rose picked up a huge victory

Result: Mandy Rose's pinfall victory, which then becomes the new NXT Women’s Champion.

We have therefore witnessed the great return of Dakota Kai who apparently has not yet put an end to the rivalry he had in the recent past with the now-ex NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez. Surely this story will still have a lot to tell and Raquel's answer will not take long.

It remains only to understand where and when. Meanwhile, the state of grace of the Toxic Attraction must also be reported, which now hold all the titles of the women's division of NXT. God’s Greatest Creation threw the big woman around with ease to keep the pressure on.

Big Mami Cool fought back and slammed Rose’s face into some steel chairs. The NXT Women’s Champion prepared to pick up the win, but a mysterious superstar hit her in the back with a shovel. Rose took advantage and hit the bicycle knee to win her first championship in WWE at Halloween Havoc.

Raquel got the match started by tossing Mandy Rose outside the ring. Subsequently, Mandy Rose snatched up the kendo stick and unleashed a vicious attack. She exhibited her agility by hitting Raquel with constant strikes. Following a strong start, Mandy made her intentions clear of becoming the champ.

Raquel got back to her feet with brutal attacks. Firing the extinguisher, she assaulted Mandy in the ringside area. In response, Mandy smashed Raquel into the steel stairs and attempted to pin her, but was kicked out by Raquel.

Both women fought hard and amazed the fans with their brutality. The NXT Women’s Championship match took a dramatic turn when a mysterious person stabbed Raquel with a shovel. Immediately, Mandy took the opportunity to give a final shot to end the match. Mandy Rose blew Raquel Gonzalez with her knee and pinned her for the title victory.