NXT: Tommaso Ciampa defended his title

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NXT: Tommaso Ciampa defended his title

We have therefore reached the last match of the evening that sees the highest laurel of the NXT men's division at stake. NXT TITLE MATCH: Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs Bron Breakker; we witness one of the best matches of the evening with Ciampa who really tries them all to keep up with his opponent who obviously focuses on physicality to bring home the result.

The champion manages to score a DDT falling from the second rope and then attempt the pin which fails. Bron's response is not long in coming, scoring a Frankensteiner first and then a variant of the powerbomb which, however, only gives him a 2 count.

Tommaso Ciampa beat Bron Breakker

Tommaso Ciampa was set to defend his NXT Championship against Bron Breakker in the main event of Halloween Havoc. Ciampa came out looking as cool as ever to take on the dominant newcomer.

The contest then moves out of the ring with Ciampa who scores a DDT on the concrete and then brings his opponent back to the ring and scores at the Fairy Tale Ending. The referee then begins the count but is interrupted by Bron with a shot in the back at the last hundredth of a second.

Ciampa is literally shocked but has no intention of letting himself be frightened and after a devastating knee to the face, he scores a second Fairy Tale Ending which this time is the decisive one. Result: Tommaso Ciampa's pinch victory.

With this, Ciampa confirms himself as NXT Champion. It looked like NXT would take the title off Ciampa as soon as Bron Breakker entered the picture. However, WWE did well to build the rivalry. The two men put on a good match and showed mutual respect at the end.

The Blackheart reigns supreme, but Breakker won’t be staying out of the NXT title picture for long. The two superstars looked all ready for the main event of the night. Bron Breakker showed a great example of his strength as he lifted and slammed Tommaso Ciampa in the early stages.

But the veteran came back by hitting a knee to the midsection of Bron Breakker. But as Tommaso Ciampa tried to leapfrog, Breakker caught him into a high-angle spinebuster. Soon after we returned from the commercial break, we saw Ciampa taking control of the match slowly as he relentlessly attacked Bron in the corner. Ciampa then hit him with a running knee in the corner.