Taya Valkyrie Speaks About Being Released By WWE


Taya Valkyrie Speaks About Being Released By WWE
Taya Valkyrie Speaks About Being Released By WWE

Taya Valkyrie is a famous indie wrestler and she recently spoke about WWE releasing her. She already had a huge fan base even before she joined the WWE. She was known as Franky Monet in the WWE and worked for WWE’s NXT brand.

Taya was released along with 17 other wrestlers this Thursday. It was part of WWE’s budget cuts. Taya signed with WWE back in February. During her NXT run, she fought for the NXT Women’s Title once. At that time, Raquel Gonzalez was the champion.

Her last match in NXT took place on the 5th of October.

Taya Valkyrie Thanks the WWE Performance Center For Helping Her Improve

Taya revealed that her WWE run wasn’t as good as she had hoped. She still thanked the company for giving her the opportunity to perform as that was her dream to perform for the WWE.

Taya is married to popular WWE RAW superstar, John Morrison. She thanked Shawn Michaels and Triple H along with the Performance Center staff for helping her get better in the ring. “[black heart emoji] well that didn’t go as planned!

[woman shrugging emoji] First and foremost I would like to thank @wwe for allowing me to live my dream, even if it was cut short. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement, I’m confused, hurt, sad and honestly mad,” Taya Valkyrie wrote.

“I came there as one of the top luchadoras of our era and honestly leaving there a little broken. I LOVED every day when I got to go to work, being around the greatest minds in this business, getting to train in the BEST pro wrestling training facility in the world and seeing my friends every day.

I was completely enveloped in the industry. Thank you to @tripleh @shawnmichaelswwe and the entire PC staff for welcoming me with open arms and allowing me to learn from you. I know who I am, I know what I’ve done and I know I have more to give.

This is just another swerve in my journey that I didn’t expect but to be honest, my life has always been filled with those. I'm a fighter, I'm stubborn and I am a very very good pro wrestler. Thank you to everyone that’s supported me through this chapter and thank you to everyone that will continue to support me into the next one. Time to let la WERA LOCA loose. Let’s make magic”.

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