*Spoiler* Bron Breakker is increasingly dominant

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*Spoiler* Bron Breakker is increasingly dominant

The excellent journey of the former NXT UK continues, demonstrating more and more how the US version of NXT can now define itself as its new kingdom. The same cannot be said for Sarray who instead continues to put one defeat after another.

A growth path is fine, but perhaps this is a bit too much. Let's now move on to the third match of the evening. SINGLE MATCH: Joe Gacy vs Boa; We see a boa in great shape, after the Thian Sha cure, who manages to repel the attacks of the new guru of NXT.

Gacy on the other hand does not stand by and even goes close to the pin. Boa is not far behind by scoring a butterfly suplex. Andre Chase came out on WWE NXT 2.0 as he was unhappy with the crowd calling him a coward after last week's antics.

He took to the ring and issued a challenge to anyone in the back. His challenge was answered by the fastest rising star in NXT, Bron Breakker. Bron Breakker is getting all the spotlight he deserves in NXT 2.0. He will be a big future star for the company, and NXT did well to give him a good win after his loss last week.

Bron Breakker will be a big future star

Suddenly darkness falls in the arena accompanied by a strange red light that immediately triggers Boa at his opponent by grabbing him by the neck. Boa does not let go despite Gacy being stuck on the ropes forcing the referee to stop the contest.

Result: Joe Gacy's victory through disqualification. Everything about Bron Breakker looked promising from the get-go. His colorful singlet, his stature and his in-ring skills really proved why WWE or Vince McMahon were pushing him to the moon right at the beginning.

Breakker’s theme song had a siren at the start, something very similar to what his uncle and former WWE Superstar, Scott Steiner, used in his theme song. Overall, Bron looked like the perfect amalgamation of size meets strength.

Ciampa, too, congratulated Breakker for an impressive performance upon debut and the two shook hands with a cold stare as the show came to an end. Following the show, Bron spoke to WWE Digital in an exclusive where he looked upon his debut.

He said, “I’m here to make a statement. Ciampa, congratulations on the win. I got mad respect for you and what you’ve done here in NXT. But know this, I’ve got my eye on you now. Keep your eye on swivel brother”.