*Spoiler* Legado del Fantasma made his comeback

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*Spoiler* Legado del Fantasma made his comeback

TAG MATCH: Jacket Time vs Creed Brothers; we are offered a discreet match whose best part is obviously given by the Creed Brothers who make Jiro literally what they want. The speech changes with the entry of Kushida who manages to bring the dispute back into balance before returning the place to Hikamen.

Maneuver that does not turn out to be the smartest since after a bit of fuss the poor Jiro is taken off the jacket which apparently for him is like the mask for the luchadores. In fact, in a matter of seconds the match is overturned and the Creed Brothers bring home the result.

Result: Creed Brothers pinfall victory. Wagner took control of the match early and hit Wilde and Mendoza with double suplexes. He showcased his strength before Legado del Fantasma made a comeback into the match. There was another moment within the match that left the audience speechless.

Jake Atlas took out the entire Legado Del Fantasma on his own.

Legado del Fantasma def. Kyle O'Reilly

Legado del Fantasma stood on the ropes before taking out everyone with a massive leap of faith. Post match we see a total brawl with the arrival of Odyssey Jones who lashes out at Roderick Strong, saving Jacket Time from a full blown beating.

We continue with the match involving the now former Million Dollar Champion. SINGLE MATCH: Cameron Grimes vs Ru Feng; The match has very little to say and gives us a very simple and quick victory from Cameron Grimes. Result: Cameron Grimes pinfall victory.

Post match we witness yet another exchange between Cameron Grimes and Duke Hudson which ends with a new challenge launched by Duke and accepted by Cameron which will see the two face off in the ring next week, in a game of poker.

We continue with the next match that sees three athletes engaged in one against all. Atlas signed with WWE in 2018. He appeared on Celebrity Undercover Boss alongside Stephanie McMahon and received a lump-sum amount of $25,000 as a down payment, hired to play the role of WWE’s ambassador.

His official WWE tryout was back in December 2018. Last week, he took out Raul Mendoza, and his next target was Joaquin Wilde. He struck him in the midsection with a steel pipe which seemed enough to incapacitate him temporarily.

This week, he faced the NXT Cruiserweight Champion with the title on the line. Escobar’s henchmen were with him but were more or less ineffective after being injured by Jake Atlas and his trusted lead pipe.