*Spoiler* Carmelo Hayes interrupted Tommaso Ciampa

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*Spoiler* Carmelo Hayes interrupted Tommaso Ciampa

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Solo Sikoa vs Grayson Waller vs L.A. Knight; We are offered an excellent match with L.A. who tries to use all his cunning to bring home the result. Sikoa, however, is not going to stand by and watch so much that L.A.

and Grayson must team up to stand up to him. Alliance between the two that does not last long because obviously both have the same goal, to bring home the result. Sikoa then manages to recover and limit the opponents' offensives.

Waller in the meantime takes down Knight with a rolling cutter and then attempts the pin. However, he was interrupted by Sikoa who even threw him out of the ring beyond the third string with a belly to belly suplex. Tommaso Ciampa came out later in the night to gloat about his victory against Bron Breakker at NXT Halloween Havoc.

He told viewers that he proved his worth to the world once again. This week’s WWE NXT started with a bang as a young debutant, Carmelo Hayes, locked horns with the NXT Megastar Adam Cole. Surprisingly for the WWE Universe, Hayes pushed the veteran Cole to his limit and delivered a barnburner.

Triple H, who was also very impressed, reacted to Hayes’ heroics on Twitter.

Carmelo Hayes interrupted Tommaso Ciampa

NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes interrupted Tommaso Ciampa to call himself the A-Champion.

Hayes talked trash to the NXT Champion and told him to take a backseat. The third cousin Uso then decides to climb the pole from which he launches with a splash on poor Knight. Result: Solo Sikoa's pinfall victory. Solo Sikoa's streak of victories continues and seems to be increasingly launched, so it remains to be understood when the setback will come and above all against whom.

Bad time for L.A. Knight who hasn't been hitting one lately. Could it be the inevitable descent into the abyss that will lead to the umpteenth release and therefore waste of one of the greatest talents of recent years destined on his journey to NXT to do only the speck? We'll see.

The COO of WWE and the Co-founder of NXT, Triple H, was one of the many who was very impressed with the match and Carmelo’s Debut. The WWE legend had high praise for the tenacity of Carmelo Hayes to show up and face off Adam Cole, who is the longest-reigning NXT Champion of the brand.

Triple H said- “Have to respect the tenacity of Carmelo Hayes to challenge the longest-reigning WWE NXT Champion in history… this tells me two things: this isn’t the last time we’ll see Carmelo Hayes and Adam Cole is ready for a fight at NXT GAB!!!”