*Spoiler* Kay Lee Ray never ceases to surprise


*Spoiler* Kay Lee Ray never ceases to surprise

Now it's time for the women's sector again. SINGLE MATCH: Elektra Lopez vs Erica Yen; the match has very little to say with Elektra who brings home a clear and clean victory over Rica who has not managed in any way to worry the Legado Del Fantasma component.

Result: Elektra Lopez pinned victory. Post match, the godmother calls Xyon Quinn into the ring with the intent of making him join the Legado Del Fantasma family. Xyon obviously refuses and is then attacked by Mendoza and Wilde which he gets rid of quite easily.

Kay Lee Ray made her way out on WWE NXT 2.0 just as Toxic Attraction was leaving. The former NXT UK Women's Champion took on the dominant Sarray in a singles match.

Kay Lee Ray made her way out on WWE NXT 2.0

Kay Lee Ray looked set to take down Sarray early, but the Japanese Superstar fought back.

She caught Lee Ray in a Single Leg Crab and then hit a Fisherman's Suplex for a near fall. Xyon is then attacked by Elektra. The two literally end up hugging each other, then also throwing a few glances of mutual interest. When Mendoza and Wilde swoop into the ring again to attack Xyon, they are promptly stopped by the Godmother who orders them to calm down and let him go.

Beautifull and Centovetrine move that there is a new Sheriff in town and his name is NXT 2.0. So here we are at the last match of the evening. Meiko debuted on the brand in February after WWE announced her as an on-air talent and coach for NXT UK.

She replaced Xia Brookside in the women’s gauntlet eliminator match, after an attack on the latter. Meiko won the match and got the title opportunity. In their recent fight, both women stole and hit their opponent’s finishers.

In the end, Meiko Satomura hit her Scorpio Rising finisher on Kay Lee Ray to end her dominating reign. She became the fourth Superstar to win the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Following the match, WWE caught up with both women to ask how they felt.

Both gave an interesting response, with Satomura being overjoyed with the victory. “It was so very hard match. I did my best. This is highlight in my life,” said ‘The Final Boss.’ “Just so you know, all women superstar be prepared.

I got cocky. I wanted to do it again, and look what it’s got me,” she said in the backstage interview. “Tonight, Meiko was the better woman. She beat me, but I can’t say that I’m not proud of everything I have done”.

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