*Spoiler* Pete Dunne made his return

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*Spoiler* Pete Dunne made his return

MAIN EVENT-SINGLE MATCH: Pete Dunne vs Carmelo Hayes; It goes without saying that this is a very exciting match with a high technical level. We see Dunne concentrate as usual on his opponent's fingers and manage to score his famous snap.

The contest moves briefly to ringside where Dunne also manages to score an x-plex on the apron. At the commentary table, Dexter Lumis is revealed who literally plunges Trick Williams into terror. Meanwhile, the dispute continues with Dunne scoring one shot after another, including a powerbomb that only gives him a 2 count.

Not happy, Dunne scores a devastating elbow to which Carmelo responds with a vertical suplex into cutter which, however, is followed by only a count of 1. The dispute continues with an attempted intrusion by Trick but is interrupted by a stomp on Dunne's hands.

Pete Dunne returns

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams got in Pete Dunne's face backstage on WWE NXT 2.0. The Bruiserweight told Hayes that he would break his fingers later on in the night. Carmelo in the meantime manages to throw Dunne against the lower rope, breaking his breath.

Williams tries to take advantage of it but is intercepted by Lumis. Hayes is in turn distracted by Gargano who from under the ring manages to grab his ankle allowing Dunne to take advantage of it and score the Bitter End. Result: Pete Dunne's pinfall victory.

The rivalry between The Way and Hayes & Williams therefore continues with the former who, thanks to their "tricks", manage to interfere and not a little on the matches starring the current North American Champion and his snack partner.

The ‘Bruserweight’ and the ‘Time Splitter’ simply stole the show right from the get-go. They complimented each other superbly, and it showed in their work in the ring. Fans across the globe voiced their opinion on the Pete Dunne-Kushida match on Twitter.

And it’s safe to say, everyone loved it. Another Twitter user pointed out how Kushida-san helps in elevating stars. But he did so citing the example of Kushida and Kenny Omega’s matches in NJPW in 2015. Well, we don’t disagree either!

Both men stunned fans across the globe with their match. The storytelling was simple, and they really played onto it. In fact, another user praised the match and added how he would’ve preferred having the match end with submission after the story they told in the ring. We guess this will happen soon!