NXT 2.0: Dexter Lumis faced Tony D’Angelo

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NXT 2.0: Dexter Lumis faced Tony D’Angelo

The evening opens with a match involving two of the most particular characters of NXT SINGLE MATCH: Tony D’Angelo vs Dexter Lumis; We are witnessing a decidedly physical match with an audience that is substantially divided in cheering the two athletes.

After a phase of controlling Dexter, Tony manages to react even if briefly as Dexter suddenly hits the Silence. D'Angelo, even if with difficulty, manages to free himself and then decides to leave the ring before being caught up again by Dexter.

The Italian-American uses the ropes to guillotine Dexter and then retrieve a blunt object outside the ring. The referee notices this and tells him not to use it and then takes it out of his hands and throws it out of the ring.

Tony takes advantage of this moment of referee's distraction to stick 2 fingers in poor Dexter's eyes and then score the Swinning Neckbreaker.

Tony D’Angelo def. Dexter Lumis

Tony D'Angelo fled the ring as the match started and Dexter Lumis chased him before D'Angelo headed back to the ring and got the early advantage over Dexter.

Lumis hit him in the face and took him down with a press before Tony locked in a triangle lock. Result: Tony D'Angelo's pinfall victory. Post-match poor Dexter is attacked by NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams.

The two manage to put him out of action also thanks to the help of a chair with which they violently hit him in the arm. Johnny Gargano obviously comes to his rescue and forces the two attackers to flee. Gargano microphone in hand then throws a challenge to Carmelo Hayes.

In the first instance, the answer is Pete Dunne who invites him to queue as after last week's victory it is up to him to challenge Carmelo. However, the two are interrupted by Hayes who, in a very bold and perhaps even a little rash way, challenges both athletes to a match valid for the title next week.

Obviously, the two accept and we can only be happy with it. Let's continue now with a team match. Imagine telling the WWE Universe in 2010 that an Indianapolis Colts player would be the best commentator in WWE who would not only call the matches but would entertain the live audience with his antics.

Yes, we are talking about SmackDown commentator, Pat McAfee, who over his eight-year career in the National Football League (NFL), made two Pro Bowls and was an All-Pro in 2014 before retiring in 2017.