NXT 2.0: Odyssey Jones picked up the win

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NXT 2.0: Odyssey Jones picked up the win

6 TAG MATCH: Diamond Mine vs Odyssey Jones & Jacket Time; We see a Diamond Mine in substantial control managing to keep Hikamen's offensives at bay. The music changes with the entry of Kushida who quickly reverses the situation before being knocked out by Strong with an attack from behind.

Hikamen is once again the legal man and Diamond is once again in full control. Everything changes with the entry of Odyssey Jones who manages to keep up with his opponents before being knocked down by Strong with the Olympic Slam.

It all seems to be over when Jacket Time manages to save their partner from the pin and then get rid of the Creed Brothers.

Odyssey Jones was great

Odyssey Jones joined Jacket Time to take on Diamond Mine on WWE NXT 2.0. Roderick Strong tried to take him out early and delivered a cheap shot before running around the ring.

The big man controlled the match for some time before Kushida and Strong came face-to-face. After some offenses, Ikemen Jiro found himself isolated from his partners. Diamond Mine worked on Jiro before Jones got the h*t tag. All 3 then take turns attacking poor Strong who is then shot down by Jones's Splash.

Result: pinfall win for Jacket Time and Odissey Jones. Abrupt setback for the Diamond Mine and especially for NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong. Hikamen and Kushida, on the other hand, seem to have found new lifeblood from their union, but see how long it will last.

After getting inducted into the Hall of Fame, Phoenix surprised fans by becoming a full-time WWE commentator for women’s matches. She also made her wrestling return in nearly six years at the Royal Rumble in 2018. The Divas’ of Doom, the former duo of Natalya and Beth, also returned for a match at Wrestlemania for the women’s tag team championships.

While Phoenix has been a regular down at NXT as a full-time commentator, it wouldn’t be absurd to assume that her tweet was related to the squared circle. The first match for NXT WarGames is set following today’s episode of NXT.

As the main event, Raquel vs. Dakota Kai was going on, and Toxic Attraction attacked Raquel, which led to a match disqualification. Then came Cora Jade, Io Shirai, and an injured Zoey Stark to Raquel’s aid. A brawl broke out, which set up the first unofficial match for WarGames.

The match will be between Kai and Toxic Attraction vs. Raquel Gonzalez, Cora Jade, Io Shirai, and another name yet to be announced.