NXT 2.0: Cameron Grimes put on a show

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NXT 2.0: Cameron Grimes put on a show

The positive moment of the team made up of Wagner and O'Reilly continues with the two cementing their bond more and more week by week, is it time to see them aim for the couple titles? Now is the women's sector moment with a very special match.

2 ON 1 HANDICAP MATCH: Persia Pirotta vs Gabby Stephens & Jenna Levy; It goes without saying that the match does not have much to tell except the overwhelming power of Persia who literally makes her opponents what she wants, bringing home a clear and clean victory.

Duke Hudson and Cameron Grimes were set for their Poker Showdown and Duke said that luck was for losers like Grimes. Cameron fired back and said that Duke was sweating after the last time they played.

Cameron Grimes is increasingly important

Duke Hudson was not happy with the river and Cameron Grimes and the crowd taunted him into making him fold.

Grimes revealed his cards and Duke saw he had nothing before Grimes sang 'you got played' over and over. Hudson attacked Grimes and beat him down next to the poker table and powerbombed him through it before getting some scissors from under the ring and cutting Cameron's hair and beard off on NXT 2.0.

Result: Persia Pirotta's pinfall victory. Excellent performance by Persia Pirotta who also captured the attention of Robert Stone who apparently wants to include them in her "stable" End of the second part. Back on NXT 2.0, Jacket Time was holding their own in the ring before Odyssey was tagged in and he took out Strong and sent one Creed into the other.

Jacket Time distracted the Creeds before Jones hit a top rope crossbody on Roderick to pick up the win on NXT 2.0. Knight attacked DiBiase on NXT after his coronation. This prompted Cameron Grimes to make the save, while also turning face in the process.

LA Knight tried to get away from Cameron Grimes, but ‘NXT’s Richest Man’ wasn’t going to let it happen. He challenged Knight to a match at NXT Great American Bash, which the latter accepted. However, he added a stipulation that if Grimes loses, he would become LA Knight’s butler!

He went all-in on Cameron Grimes with several power moves such as the Burning Hammer! Despite all this, Grimes didn’t let his guard down. The Million Dollar Champion then started getting restless, as Grimes wasn’t staying down. The frustration reached the peak for LA Knight when the ‘Caveman’ kicked out again.