NXT 2.0: Tommaso Ciampa called out the brand's newer stars

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NXT 2.0: Tommaso Ciampa called out the brand's newer stars

We then continue with the pink wave arriving at the last match of the evening which involves two athletes engaged in what can now be defined as a personal war. MAIN EVENT - SINGLES MATCH: Dakota Kai vs Raquel Gonzalez; It goes without saying that Raquel's physical arrogance linked to her vengeful fury is at the heart of this confrontation.

Dakota is treated worse than a punching bag with Raquel getting to do with her literally what she wants. Due to her anger, Raquel makes a bad mistake by hitting the stake and allowing Dakota to take the reins of the match. Tommaso Ciampa returned to WWE NXT 2.0 this week and called out the brand's newer stars.

He talked trash about Carmelo Hayes, Grayson Waller, and Tony D'Angelo to make a statement.

Tommaso Ciampa returned to WWE NXT 2.0

Tommaso Ciampa is amazing on the mic when he is motivated. That is one of the many reasons why NXT 2.0 handed him the title after Samoa Joe was forced to relinquish it.

Not only did Ciampa take a shot at his challenger, but he also seems to lay the foundation for a big match at TakeOver: WarGames. Kai decides she wants to end the match her way even at the cost of losing, using her dear friend's shovel.

Raquel manages to avoid the blow, however, and before she hits Dakota with the shovel, the former NXT Women’s Champion is hit from behind by the Toxic Attraction. It looks like the veterans of NXT 2.0 will take on the new superstars of the brand inside the WarGames cage.

It’ll be difficult to pick who will win the contest if WWE goes down that route. Prior to the main event, Bron Breakker made his WWE NXT debut. Not only did he do that, but he had the first match of the new version’s first show.

Additionally, he won the match when he defeated LA Knight with a powerslam within minutes. Now, the newcomer has his eyes set on the Gold. And why not? He got a massive push with the first victory, so pursuing the title is definitely next in line.

“Ciampa, congratulations on the win. I respect you, I got mad respect for you, in what you’ve done here in NXT. But, know this, I have got my eyes on you now. Keep your head on the swivel brother”. One of the top problems both Ciampa and Breakker will have is LA Knight.

Knight was positive the night would be his, and the title will go home with him. Unfortunately, not only did he lose the title match, but also lost the match against Bron Breakker.