NXT 2.0: Cameron Grimes appears with a new look

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NXT 2.0: Cameron Grimes appears with a new look
NXT 2.0: Cameron Grimes appears with a new look (Provided by Wrestling World)

Very often, in the rings of the McMahon-owned wrestling company, several athletes show up in front of the cameras with a new look, which must obviously be allowed and authorized by the WWE, with some athletes who in the past have changed their look without even letting the management know.

, with the thing that sent Vince McMahon and associates into a rage, as happened with Rusev. Very often, when we talk about athletes with long hair, who then switch to having them very very short, even shaved, WWE invents some stratagem to pass this drastic cut as a result of some match where it will then put this wrestler, so as to to be able to use this drastic change of look to create a more fun and real storyline in the company's rings.

It was so at the time also for Big Show and Kurt Angle, now totally shaved because years ago baldness began to take hold and therefore they decided by mutual agreement with the company to cut their hair to zero, inserting this angle in their storyline with a hair vs hair match.

Also in the last episode of NXT, we saw an angle where Cameron Grimes was attacked by Duke Hudson, after a game of poker won by Grimes, with his opponent who did not hold up the defeat and first attacked him by knocking him out and then with a pair of scissors cut his long hair and beard.

On Tuesday, in the new installment of NXT, Cameron Grimes couldn't necessarily reappear as usual in front of the company's cameras, with the former Million Dollar Champion having to show off his new look, fixed up by some WWE hairdresser, who managed to "save what can be saved" by only significantly shortening both his beard and hair.

What's next for Cameron Grimes?

If all this were not enough, of course, Cameron Grimes wanted to launch his challenge, after last week's prank and challenged Duke Hudson to a hair vs hair match for the next NXT TakeOver: War Games on December 5th, with his opponent who has willingly accepted this challenge, convinced that he can easily win it.

While the NXT Universe looks forward to the annual WarGames event, especially for the titular match, it has been a while since WWE has booked a Hair vs. Hair match. Grimes and Hudson both undoubtedly look good with hair on their heads, but from the look of things to come, one of them has to lose it.

Grimes has had his fair share of ups and downs on NXT, but it remains to be seen how he will deal with the up-and-coming stalwart from Down Under.

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