NXT 2.0: Cora Jade defeated Mandy Rose

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NXT 2.0: Cora Jade defeated Mandy Rose

Now it is the turn of the NXT Women’s Champion who takes the field against a young athlete who has been making a lot of talk lately. SINGLE MATCH: Mandy Rose vs Cora Jade; We see Mandy keeping up with her opponent thanks to her greater experience.

Cora really tries them all but Mandy has no intention of conceding anything. Cora's only solutions are sudden pinpoints which, however, lead her to nothing. It all seems over for Cora when Kay Lee Ray suddenly appears at ringside and, armed with a baseball bat, starts vandalizing the area near the ring, effectively distracting Mandy Rose.

Cora then takes the opportunity to score a sudden roll-up that surprisingly allows her to bring the contest home. Result: Cora Jade's pinfall victory. Post-match we see Cora Jade being celebrated by Io Shirai, Raquel Gonzalez and Zoey Stark.

Cora Jade def. Mandy Rose

Cora Jade was ready for her big match against Mandy Rose on WWE NXT 2.0 this week. She asked Io Shirai, Zoey Stark, and Raquel Gonzalez to find a fourth member for their team while she dealt with the NXT Women’s Champion.

It looked like Rose would have a quick win to build her championship reign and put the babyfaces on the backfoot. However, the creative team was ready to deliver a surprise this week on NXT 2.0. The four are then joined by Kay Lee Ray who simply communicates that she will be the fourth member of their team in view of WarGames and that she will always participate in the famous advantage ladder match next week.

We always remain in the women's field with the next match that sees the female side of the Diamond Mine engaged. SINGLE MATCH: Ivy Nile vs Yulisa Leon; Needless to say, the match does not have much to say and sees Ivy clearly prevail and take home a clean and clear victory with a literally devastating submission maneuver.

Result: victory by submission of Ivy Nile. After getting inducted into the Hall of Fame, Phoenix surprised fans by becoming a full-time WWE commentator for women’s matches. She also made her wrestling return in nearly six years at the Royal Rumble in 2018.

The Divas’ of Doom, the former duo of Natalya and Beth, also returned for a match at Wrestlemania for the women’s tag team championships. While Phoenix has been a regular down at NXT as a full-time commentator, it wouldn’t be absurd to assume that her tweet was related to the squared circle.