NXT 2.0: Dexter Lumis is defeated

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NXT 2.0: Dexter Lumis is defeated
NXT 2.0: Dexter Lumis is defeated (Provided by Wrestling World)

So here we are at the last match of the evening that sees the NXT North American Championship up for grabs in a 3-man match. M.E.-NXT N.A.TITLE MATCH: Hayes (c) vs Gargano vs Dunne; Obviously the quality of the match is literally stellar with the 3 who are never going to give up.

We see Gargano engage in a double suicide dive and then also score a hurricanerana on Dunne. The dispute continues with Gargano who also manages to score the slingshot spear on Hayes then also reject the Bitter End transforming it into a DDT tornado followed by only a 2 count.

Tony D'Angelo and Dexter Lumis competed in the first match of WWE NXT 2.0 this week. Lumis used his experience to push D'Angelo to the limits early and did not give him much time to regroup.

Tony D'Angelo and Dexter Lumis competed

Once D'Angelo created some separation, he got back in the game.

He raked Dexter Lumis' eye and hit a Fisherman's Neckbreaker for a relatively quick win. The match was good and helped D'Angelo come across as a real threat on NXT. However, the post-match segment was more interesting. NXT 2.0 could make Melo a true star if he defeats both Dunne and Gargano to retain his title.

The match will give fans something great to look forward to next week. The three are giving it a good reason without giving up a minimum of breath. We are now witnessing a reverse hurricanerana from Gargano on Dunne followed by a clothesline on Hayes.

Not happy, Gargano also hits Trick Williams before being knocked down by Dunne's Bitter End who then tries the pin but is interrupted by the interference of Tony D'Angelo. Hayes then took the opportunity to score his leg drop from the top of the pole followed by the final pin.

Result: Carmelo Hayes was pinned to victory and confirmed NXT North American Champion. After a good fight, Hartwell applied The Silence submission on Kamea. While Lumis also did the same to Stone at ringside. Kamea tapped out for the finish.

However, this was not the best part of the match. Following the victory, Indi and Dexter both stared at each other until Hartwell backed away. She went to the commentary table to retrieve something from Beth and came back to the ring.

When she came back, Indi dropped on one knee, brought the ring (she retrieved it from Beth), and proposed to Dexter. Gargano seemed frantic as he said he would technically be the father of the bride but he will not be paying for the wedding. Johnny also called Dexter a “cheapskate”.

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