Toni Storm Speaks About the Differences Between NXT and Smackdown

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Toni Storm Speaks About the Differences Between NXT and Smackdown

Toni Storm made a name for herself at NXT UK, and she recently spoke about the differences between WWE NXT and Smackdown. Smackdown is one of WWE’s main brands. NXT used to be WWE’s developmental brand. These days, NXT is more than just a developmental brand.

Some NXT Superstars went on to become main event stars. Some of the former NXT stars that went on to become main even stars include Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Toni herself has made appearances in some important matches. Due to her stunning looks and impressive wrestling ability, she quickly made a name for herself and now has a huge fan base.

Toni Storm Shares What She Believes Are the Main Differences Between NXT And Smackdown

On WWE Deutschland, she started speaking after the differences between the two brands. “Everything is different, like the whole thing.

To be honest it has been a totally different change to my entire life. Now I’m back on the road after like barely traveling for such a long time,” Storm stated. “It’s just everything. Everything down to the people, the way it’s run, everything is completely the opposite.

It’s been quite an adjustment just trying to figure out how to find my feet in the roster. But its been cool. A lot of the girls have been really cool and welcoming, helping me backstage”. Toni shared her thoughts on the various numbers of call-ups that have occurred during the past few weeks.

She stated that this will help the women’s division stay fresh. “I do. I feel like there’s very much something special in the air,” Storm admitted. “There’s a good vibe surrounding all of it and I’m very excited about all of it.

I don’t know, I absolutely love all the call-ups. I think we are onto something special here. We are shaking things up. It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s cool. I think people are really going to enjoy what we have to give them”.

Toni Storm is one of the few NXT UK wrestlers that managed to garner a large fan base for herself, even though she was not on the main WWE NXT brand. She appeared for many interviews and held the WWE NXT UK title for a very long time.

Ever since appearing on the main roster, she has become even more famous and many people believe she will win the Women’s Title at one time.