NXT: Phenomenal performance by Kay Lee Ray

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NXT: Phenomenal performance by Kay Lee Ray

Hello everyone and welcome back to the usual NXT 2.0 appointment. The evening gets off to a flying start with the first match involving some of the participants in this Sunday's WarGames match. Before the clash we see all the components of both teams start a real fight.

ADVANTAGE LADDER MATCH: Dakota Kai vs Kay Lee Ray; The two begin to give it a hard time with the protagonist of the match, the ladder, which is not involved until Kay decides to throw Dakota on us with a front suplex. The dispute continues with the two intent on reaching the briefcase hanging in the center of the ring.

NXT: Kai and Kay Lee Ray got going right away

The night kicked off with the two teams for the women’s WarGames match meeting on the stage with and women getting in a brawl. Finally, Kay Lee Ray and Dakota Kai were ready to battle in the ladder match.

Kai and KLR got going right away. Lee Ray hit Kai with a Superkick and took control of the contest early. Kay seems to be one step away when Dakota manages to knock her to the ground and then hit her with a footstomp. Now it is Dakota who attempts the climb before being stopped by Kay who, after stopping her halfway, hits her with a superkick, literally knocking her out and then continues the climb reaching the coveted briefcase.

Result: victory for Kay Lee Ray who wins the first entry for her team in the WarGamens match. Let's continue now with the second match that sees another of the participants of the next ppv as the protagonist. This was Keith Lee’s first title defense since NXT: The Great American Bash.

Both the superstars were trading big shots that they’re known for. Keith Lee ended the well-contested match with a Big Bang Catastrophe. After winning the match Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic were expressing their respect to each other and the lights went out.

Scarlett Bordeaux made her way to the ring with a sack emptied the remains of the hourglass that the double champion destroyed week’s back. Karrion Kross has had an impactful first year in the WWE. In the first year, he got into a feud and defeated former NXT champion, Tommaso Ciampa.

After ending Adam Cole’s historic 403-title run everyone was celebrating with Keith Lee in the performance center. However, one certain Karrion Kross had his sight set on his next victim.