NXT: Grayson Waller is getting stronger

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NXT: Grayson Waller is getting stronger

SINGLE MATCH: Cameron Grimes vs Andre Chase; We see a Chase really try them all to get the best result without being able in any way to contain the voracity of Grimes who in a few minutes obtains the final pin following his Caveman.

Result: Cameron Grimes pinfall victory. Post-match we are offered a small spot by Duke Hudson who takes the opportunity to show us how Cameron will be after their match that we remember will be a hair vs hair and therefore the loser will be shaved to 0.

Johnny Gargano would represent his team in the ladder match on WWE NXT. Team NXT 2.0 headed to the ring to target their opponents before TakeOver: WarGames. Carmelo Hayes talked down Gargano to put himself over as the NXT North American Champion.

Grayson Waller followed and took some shots at LA Knight to build their rivalry. Grayson Waller kicked off WWE NXT 2.0 this week. He compared himself to John Cena and The Rock before Tommaso Ciampa came out to shut down the newcomer.

Grayson Waller was great in the contest

Grayson Waller was great in the contest and took the NXT Champion to the edge. Tommaso Ciampa is known for giving newer superstars good matches, and he did the same on Tuesday night.

More matches like these will help NXT 2.0 build new superstars quickly. Let's say that after that image I hope with all my heart that Grimes will win. The same Cameron who, to intimidate Duke, goes to pick up Chase intent on returning backstage to try to shave him before the latter is promptly saved by one of his students.

Grimes then decides to verbally warn Duke that his fate will be to lose all of his hair at his hands. In the recent episode of NXT 2.0, NXT Superstar Grayson Waller copied The Rock’s signature move ‘The People’s Elbow’.

The latest episode of NXT kick-started with the showdown between NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa and Grayson Waller. Although the NXT Title was not on the line, Ciampa kept his champion mentality to shut down Grayson Waller. The match started with ruthless aggression from Ciampa on the Australian star.

However, the young superstar got in the match with quick momentum. He gave his best to be in the fight. During the match, Waller used the most electrifying move of The Rock ‘The People’s Elbow’. Waller tried his best to keep the champ on the ground, but Ciampa knocked Waller with a Fairy Tale ending in the end.