NXT: Solo Sikoa defeated Edris Enofe

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NXT: Solo Sikoa defeated Edris Enofe

SINGLE MATCH: Joe Gacy vs local athlete; After a long first of Gacy's the match finally begins but has practically nothing to tell except the landslide victory of Gacy. Result: Joe Gacy's pinfall win. Post-match Joe hugs his unfortunate opponent and then communicates that now it's time to give the girl a chance too.

Before the match starts, however, all the members from the Diamond Mine appear at ringside and after a brief promo from Bivens, Gacy asks Strong to join him on the square so he can talk to him face to face. Joe does not even have time to open his mouth that is attacked by Strong but managing to respond with a devastating running clothesline before being rescued by Harland anyway before the situation escalates.

Let's now move on to the next meeting. Debutant Edris Enofe was out to make a statement on WWE NXT. He wanted to prove his doubters wrong as he took to the ring to face Solo Sikoa.

Solo Sikoa def. Edris Enofe

SINGLE MATCH: Solo Sikoa vs Edris Enofre; We witness a discreet match that sees Edris trying to keep up with Sikoa with a series of beautiful maneuvers, even reaching several times close to the pin.

Everything changes when Solo decides to step on the accelerator, inexorably bringing the contest in his favor, thus getting rid of his opponent after a combo of a pop-up Samoan drop and a devastating splash from the third string.

Result: Solo Sikoa's pinfall victory. Post-match Solo is attacked by Boa who tries to strangle him. Enofe comes to his rescue and, despite everything, decides to help the architect of his own defeat. Boa is therefore forced to leave the ring by literally beating a retreat.

Upon his debut on Halloween Havoc, he cut a segment with Grayson Waller and LA Knight, where he dropped Waller while Knight backed off. On WWE NXT 2.0: November 9th, 2021, Sikoa challenged Waller and Knight to a triple threat match when Waller tried to turn him against LA Knight.

However, Waller and Knight began working together to keep themselves on the top. Unfortunately, they didn’t factor in that Sikoa is, after all, a cousin of The Tribal Chief. Finally, Solo Sikoa used the Samoan Family special, the Samoan Drop, on LA Knight.

On the other hand, he drop-kicked Grayson Waller. Sikoa ended the fight with a splash to Knight. It is a good time to note that The Uso Splash is a huge thing between Jey and Jimmy Uso, who are Sikao’s older siblings.