NXT: Bron Breakker makes the match of his life

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NXT: Bron Breakker makes the match of his life

M.E.-ADVANTAGE LADDER MATCH: Bron Breakker vs Johnny Gargano; It goes without saying that we are witnessing an excellent meeting also thanks to the quality of the two participants with a Gargano in great shape who really does everything to reject Breakker's physical arrogance.

For his part, Bron shows off excellent spots of pure power but ends up collapsing under the blows of the more experienced Gargano who also manages to score with a splendid superkick. The two then move to the top of the stake from which Bron engages in a wonderful Frankesteiner.

The two have no intention of giving up and we see them both at the top of the ladder intent on capturing the briefcase. Gargano tries to bring home the result by hitting Bron with his briefcase. Despite the blow immediately Breakker gets up immediately and then drags Gargano down the ladder and crashes him to the carpet with a devastating powerslam.

Now nothing stands between Bron and the victory that comes after grabbing the briefcase suspended in the center of the ring.

Bron Breakker defeated Johnny Gargano

Bron Breakker and Johnny Gargano represented their respective teams in the ladder match on WWE NXT.

Breakker used his strength to push Gargano down early and throw him around with ease. Johnny Wrestling bounced back and used tactical strikes to wear down his bigger opponent. He used the ladder and announcers table to take out his opponent and tried his best to win the match early.

Result: Bron Breakker's victory who wins the first entry for his team in the WarGamens match. Everything about Bron Breakker looked promising from the get-go. His colorful singlet, his stature and his in-ring skills really proved why WWE or Vince McMahon were pushing him to the moon right at the beginning.

Breakker’s theme song had a siren at the start, something very similar to what his uncle and former WWE Superstar, Scott Steiner, used in his theme song. Overall, Bron looked like the perfect amalgamation of size meets strength.

Later on in the night, Breakker appeared on TV again. This time, he stepped up to Tommaso Ciampa and congratulated him on his second NXT Championship win.