*Spoiler* Shocking turn heel for Kyle O'Reilly

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*Spoiler* Shocking turn heel for Kyle O'Reilly

During the night, WWE broadcast its latest PPV dedicated to the NXT 2.0 roster, with all the crew of the company's latest roster who until a few hours ago performed in the rings of the show that once wore the yellow colors and black as a flag.

On the card of the evening, there were several great disputes, such as obviously the homonymous WarGames match, from which the pay-per-view or other valid matches for the titles of the roster obviously takes its name, such as the one in tag team between the champions of the 'Imperium and the unusual couple formed by Von Wagner and Kyle O'Reilly.

Precisely in this last dispute, the WWE wanted to insert a twist that the fans would never have put in estimate, or a turn heel by one of the two sides of the dispute, which could also have given a clue on the future of the athlete in the rings of the McMahon company, close to the end of his agreement with the WWE, which has now come to an end.

Kyle O'Reilly attacks Von Wagner

In the match in which we saw the Imperium keep their belts, after a couple of very tempting occasions where Von Wagner and Kyle O'Reilly had come very close to winning the titles, at the end of the contest the former Undisputed Era saw fit to retaliate on his travel companion in that of WarGames, going to attack Von Wagner without scruples.

After two occasions very close to victory, O'Reilly was pinned, losing the match for his team, with such an ending that didn't leave him at all happy. After the dispute, then comes the turn heel, with O'Reilly brutally attacking his teammate by going to the heel of the roster, with such detail that he may have made fans understand how O'Reilly will leave the company shortly, after the expiration of his contract which has not been deliberately renewed (until now).

Now there are two possible scenarios: either O'Reily has renewed and will continue this feud with his new opponent or O'Reilly has not renewed and the WWE has seen fit to make him turn heel, to knock over Von Wagner before the athlete leaves NXT in just a few days.

While Kyle O'Reilly was in the hunt for the NXT Championship earlier this year, he was removed from the fatal four-way to decide a new champion on the debut of NXT 2.0 and has been placed in an awkward tag team with Von Wagner over the last several weeks.

Mike Johnson reports that WWE currently has O'Reilly listed internally as the number two babyface for the NXT brand, only behind current champion Tommaso Ciampa. But oddly enough, they haven't been treating him like that at all since the relaunch of the NXT 2.0 brand.