*Spoiler* Big win for Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen


*Spoiler* Big win for Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen

TAG TEAM MATCH: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen vs Creed Brothers; we are offered a pleasant match with Briggs and Jensen who manage to keep up with their opponent thanks to their physicality. The Creed Brothers seem to be in trouble but once half of the team is isolated they manage to turn the situation around in their favor.

Briggs leaves his corner to go and cheer Jensen, thus giving Grizzled Young Veterans the chance to remove the cord that the non-legal member of the team must grab when he gets the change. The clash continues as if nothing had happened with Jensen still unable to take over.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen won

This week, Bron Breakker came out to challenge Tommaso Ciampa for an NXT Championship rematch. Diamond Mine showed up, and Roderick Strong laid down a challenge for the newcomer. Breakker gladly accepted Strong’s challenge to set up a match between them for next week.

Soon after, the Creed Brothers took on Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen in a tag team match. Imperium and The Grizzled Young Veterans arrived to watch the match up close. Julius and Brutus Creed were dominant early on and kept their challengers on the backfoot.

When it finally seems the right moment, the referee doesn't accept the change as Briggs is not grabbing the cord. Despite the moment of confusion, Jensen manages to score a roll-up that gives him an unexpected victory. Result: Briggs & Jensen's pinfall victory.

End of the first part. The reason behind this change in NXT and Vince McMahon pushing younger talent is due to the state of the main roster. McMahon knows there are many top stars in the main roster who are above 40 and won’t be at the top for very long.

In a recent talk on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said WWE is “very much aware” of that fact. He stated that WWE has many wrestlers who are 40 years of age or older and are still the big players in the main roster.

This fact is reportedly one of the reasons for NXT’s recent attitude shift. WWE firmly believes in developing young talents into the main lineup and preparing them for RAW and SmackDown. Aliyah, Ridge Holland, Austin Theory, Hit Row, and Xia Li are the newest members on the main roster.

WWE seems to get much more interesting after a roster change. And giving a major push to certain young superstars will help them establish their impression on the fans.

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