*Spoiler* Santos Escobar never gives up

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*Spoiler* Santos Escobar never gives up

Now it is the turn of a great comeback that has already made its appearance last Sunday to the rescue of the Balck and Gold team. SINGLE MATCH: Dexter Lumis vs Carmelo Hayes; Dexter manages to do what he wants a little bit thanks to the increased physicality and the fact that Carmelo is dragging along with the aftermath of the War Games.

Lumis, however, does not allow itself to pity. It is understood, however, that the real goal is not Carmelo in fact he begins to point in a worrying way the poor Trick Williams. By doing this, however, he lowers the defense, giving Hayes the opportunity to try a comeback which however does not materialize as it is Lumis who even goes close to the pin.

After being attacked for weeks, Xyon Quinn looked to make a statement in his match against Santos Escobar on WWE NXT 2.0. The two men met in the ring, and Quinn used his power to punish Escobar early in the contest.

Santos Escobar challenged Xyon Quinn

Santos Escobar took control of the contest by sending Quinn into the steel steps and working on his arm to weaken him.

The latter refused to stay down and hit a beautiful rolling fireman’s carry. Dexter then forced Williams to intervene but this meant the NXT North American Champion was disqualified. Result: victory by the disqualification of Dexter Lumis.

Post-match Dexter seeks revenge by imprisoning William in Silence but the latter is however saved by Hayes. Now it's time for the tag team category again, but this time for women and featuring the current NXT Women’s Champions.

It was a good match that brought the best out of both superstars. Escobar hasn’t had the best bookings since losing his NXT Cruiserweight Championship. He showcased his incredible wrestling skills against a rising star.

Atlas was the latest challenge for Escobar’s NXT Cruiserweight Championship. After putting away Isiah ‘Swerve’ Scott and Drake Maverick, the former El Hijo del Fantasma found his newest challenger. However, Atlas needed to overcome the three on one odds that were stacked against him.

In the run-up to his eventual match for the title, Atlas started taking out Escobar’s henchmen, until the champion stood alone. Atlas kept up with his vicious attitude and almost put Escobar away with a series of flash pins.

Escobar was only just managing to kick out of the pinfalls. A second longer, and there would be a new face of the Cruiserweight division.

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