*Spoiler* Riddle is back on NXT

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*Spoiler* Riddle is back on NXT
*Spoiler* Riddle is back on NXT (Provided by Wrestling World)

TAG MATCH: Toxic Attraction vs Feroz & Leon; Feroz and Leon try to take advantage of the fact that the Toxic carry some physical problems due to last Sunday's War Games match. The champions, however, do not let themselves be intimidated and with a little effort, they bring home the contest anyway.

Result: victory by pinfall of the Toxic Attraction. Post-match Mandy Rose openly challenges anyone who wants to take her title. The answer is none other than Cora Jade who remembers how last week she was the one who beat her and how her team won the War Games.

MSK had embarked on a journey to find The Shaman after losing the WWE NXT Tag Team Championships. After searching for weeks, Wes Lee and Nash Carter finally found the man. It was none other than the RAW Tag Team Champion Riddle.

After weeks of intrigue for MSK, the former Tag Team Champions finally found out who their shaman was on NXT 2.0. It's none other than Riddle, who seems set to juggle his duties on RAW with his new role on NXT. After all these weeks, it was a great call to have Riddle appear on NXT.

He’s a former NXT Tag Team Champion who is now ruling RAW’s tag team division. The segment was fun and lighthearted.

Riddle made his return on NXT

The skater then decides to challenge the champion again who invites her to challenge her to a match here and now, obviously to take advantage of the fact that poor Jade still has her arm bandaged after the injury suffered following a flight from the top of the cage.

last Sunday. Before the situation degenerates, Raquel Gonzalez comes to the rescue of the Jade, equipped with a chair that forces the Toxic Attraction to flee. End of the second part. After Queen Zelina Vega won her match against the former Raw women’s champion, Nikki A.S.H., the WWE Universe witnessed Rk-Bro where Matt Riddle was talking about something until Kevin Patrick interrupted, asking about tonight’s tournament.

During the promo, Riddle was loud as always, but Randy had no problem with that. Riddle then announced that he and Orton will conduct every backstage interview for their tournament to determine the number one contender to their Raw tag titles.

After the match between The Street Profits vs the team of AJ Styles and Omos; which AJ Styles lost, Riddle went inside the ring to interview AJ on “these crazy events”.

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